Do you guys think multiplayer will ever come to Apex?

While I think this is a great token towards the PC gaming community, an olive branch if you will as a gesture of solidarity, I would so love to play my friends online in Apex. I have played Forza since the first one on the Original Xbox before I ever had Xbox live. In fact I actually remember buying and playing the original game again after I got my first 360 in Febuary 2006 on Xbox 360 right before Forza 2 came out in 07. I been playing most of them since and love the gameplay. In 2012 I moved over to PC full time and sold my 360. Last summer I began wanting to experience Horizon 1 since I never played it so I got a digital code for it and a used 360 on ebay. Been playing it over the past 8 months loving it wishing I could play a modern Forza on my PC. Had hope when Quantum Break was announced, but didn’t really expect something so soon.

I just hope it scales well on older hardware.

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This title won’t have Multiplayer, but if the game is a success regardless I hope that the next title to head to PC will have cross-play with the Xbox One version.


nice thing though is you will have drivatars from your friends skills. according to the post from xbox wire and turn 10

Unfortunately, the drivatars are more just a marketing thing and kind of useless. I have my friend’s drivatars racing in my game and they don’t even play Forza. LOL When you see stuff like that, it makes you question the whole drivatar system and how relevant it is.


From the F2P design of the game multiplayer would boost the F2P buys by a lot because people want to have fast cars in multiplayer to win.
So in the long term I see it possible.

Sadly I had to chuckle at this comment. I’ve been playing Forza since the early days and to my mind (and apologies if you disagree but this is my opinion) they haven’t listened to the fans, they are just trying to appeal to as big a market as possible and to me it’s a sadder product because of it.

One example I would use is the lack of any online private multiplayer lobbies in FM6. Turn 10 have deemed that you must race the way they want in public hoppers with a lack of any real ability to vote out the rammers and idiots. This despite the fact that the ‘fans’ of the series have been asking for the freedom to create lobbies since launch (just see the amount of posts in that thread in FM6 forum)

Sorry if it sounds like I’m whinging, I only say it out of complete frustration because I love the series but it’s just gone in a direction that’s such a let down. So take Dan’s comments with a pinch of salt, it’s PR spin. I hope I’m wrong and Forza becomes great again but I for one won’t hold my breath.

Private lobbies have been a feature of FM6 since launch… Where have you been?


sorry for my english

but the full version will have multi?

This is the full Forza Motorsport 6: Apex.

FM6: Apex is a F2P title and what you see is what you get.

Future Forza releases such as FM7 and FH3 will be released on both W10 & XB1 and will have multiplayer.

So no, Apex will not have multiplayer.

This is incorrect. Apex is currently considered an open beta and there will be updates to it and additional features will be coming. If I remember correctly wheel support is first on the list and they did have an entry about multiplayer but they pulled the announcement page so I can’t check for what was exactly said.

Remember, this is currently an open beta, there are additional features that are being considered for implementation based on the testing feedback. Wheel support was not ready to make the release but it is on the update list. Multiplayer was mentioned but they pulled the page that announced the release date so I don’t have the specific language about it, it was not something I was overly concerned about.

Manteo Max had the language:

As development continues, players can expect to see updates and improvements to the game.

For example, wheel support is coming to Forza Motorsport 6: Apex and Turn 10 is busy working to ensure that Apex delivers the kind of wheel support, performance, and features that racing fans expect from a range of available hardware. In addition we plan to support additional features that we know are important to PC gamers, such as the ability to disable Vsync and an in-app framerate counter.

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex utilizes the cloud-based Drivatars of your Xbox Live Friends and the Xbox One community, as well as asynchronous leaderboards for comparing your Race Points, but the game will not feature online multiplayer or the livery design editor. However, in an early beta update, we will be adding a selection of curated livery designs from the Forza painting community to the car select flow.

So, that sounds pretty final for now, no multiplayer for Apex. Again as a initial attempt for PC/Xbox integration this is a platform for which various items will be tested and considered for future Forza titles, Apex is not meant as a true, fully realized, full featured game but an introduction, and the goal of any introduction is “leave them wanting more”.

Will forza apex have multiplayer?

I would not be surprised to see integrated play with Xbox owners. That is the goal of the UWP platform. However, they may keep that for the next iteration of Forza on the PC which I’m 100% certain will not be free. Personally, even if they do add it, I wouldn’t use it. I never play multiplayer in any games besides MMO’s where I don’t have a choice. Even there I do as much as I can solo.