Do the Rumble triggers work with Xbox one controller on PC

I’m thinking of upgrading from my current 360 controller on the PC to an xbox one controller, but I was wondering if the haptics trigger works out of the box for a controller connected wirelessly though windows 10. Can someone confirm?

I can confirm It works with my elite controller on windows 10, and is adjustable in the Xbox accessories app.

Check out this thread … it looks like there are still some issues with them used “wirelessly” but ok over USB…

Thanks guys. I think I’ll just stick with the 360 controller.

Regular Xbox One controller works fine using the wireless adapter, but vibration with the Wireless S controller over bluetooth doesn’t work, it has been an issue since Forza 6: apex was released so doesn’t seem like turn10 is going to fix it :(.

mine works fine and i have it set up with a wireless adapter