Do the Drivatars have bodykits?

When l do races l often see liveries on the AI cars. However l rarely see any bodykits especially widebodykits on the other drivatars. Even the Horizon Edition cars have been reverted out of their widebodykits. Sometimes drivatars have custom wheels and maybe a spoiler but l think that’s about it. The cars are visually stock except for the liveries. Do you have the same thing?

l’m wondering if anything affects this. AI Difficulty? PI level of my car (and as such theirs)? My lineup? Followed players?
ls there something l can do to make the drivatars builds be more diverse. l don’t like being the only one driving with huge kits on my cars.

I don’t think much affects them. It’s really funny when you race classic or retro muscle, especially with an upgraded car, none of the Drivatars get upgraded suspension, so the cars wobble and dip under braking. it’s hilarious.


l’ve noticed that too. l tell 'em they need more damping whenever l overtake them.

Hmm, I believe I have seen a 458 with a widebody in a Modern Supercars championship…could be a rare sight but I shall double check

I suspect the rarity is because drivatars prioritise power over handling (I would too if physics didn’t apply to me).

Could anyone else give input on this?
l want know it’s possible to have those kits so l don’t waste my time figuring out how to get them to appear.

Drivatars will never use any parts listed under the [Conversion] category of Upgrade parts.
This category consists of Widebody Kits, Engine Swaps, Drivetrain Swaps and Aspiration Swaps.

Any external customisation you see on Drivatars is derived from Aerodynamic upgrades, which often contain a number of cosmetic alternatives in addition to adjustable wings and splitters.

I saw a drivatar today in a Crown Victoria with the lightbar, so there must be some degree of exterior customisation going on.

I’ve never seen drivatars with aftermarket rims either. It’s almost like they’re limited to what the auto upgrade would change.

Actually, yes.

If you have friends playing Forza and the car they drive matches the race you are doing, their car will appear.

Can confirm this totally, have seen friend’s S15 with bodykit and upgrades.

Those saying no are confusing the system with FH2.

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That’s good to hear. l also saw today in freeroam Drivatars with body kits. Didn’t do a single race today since l just tried getting the Forzathon challenges. Hopefully those same Drivatars with kits will appear in races as well.

I noticed some driving around yesterday with kits, it stood out to me enough that I feel like maybe it changed recently? I don’t think I remember seeing bodykits on stuff aside from the HE cars until now. Could totally be wrong haha

Jusr want to close this off and say l’m now seeing bodykits even in races. Great! Perhaps this came from the update. :slight_smile:

It’s been a feature since day one