Do people actually buy these?

Vague title right?

So, these “wheelspin exclusive” cars pop up at the Auction House on a rare occation. Most of the time they are listed with 20,000,000CR buyout and anything from 11-20,000,000CR starting bid.

Does anyone actually buy them for these prices? I’d love to get my hands on a 2018 Cayenne and some others but I don’t have 20,000,000CR laying around for that kind of stuff.

For those with a sharp eye, yes I do have the E63 AMG, so on a rare occation some people DO list them to reasonable prices. But they are usually gone before you manage to buy them. I was SO close to getting a '04 Impreza and a Cadillac Limo. But someone came before me.


Sadly some people do pay for them and the scalping problem will continue as long as only “special” people have the legendary painter/tuner status. They got rid of unicorn cars because people hated them, but here they are again in a new form. Your best bet now is the Forzathon shop or waiting for Christmas noobs to put them up.

I’ve got a spare crown victoria and golf, but I won’t put them up for a little scalping loser. I have no idea why they removed gifting.

The NSX has a stripe around the bottom, except he totally missed the left side of the car. What an absolutely legendary paint a true master of vinyl work with a AWD tune #128972398729490.


Damn it would be nice if we could gifted those, i have many of those just sitting on my garage collecting dust because i dont wanna sell it those at 600k when some non-talented “painter” will sell it for 20m, that feel worst than removing those cars from garage to free.

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Yeah allways there is somebody who have way too mutch money laying around and miss one of those. I sniped all of those sometimes ago, and few day ago delta, just search after search and then when it’s come on sale just try to buy it quickly. Oh that m-b is also wheelspin car, i think i remove it from garage yesterday.

Seems like it. Too bad most of them will most likely not end up in the Forzathon shop at all.

I managed to get the E63 AMG, Delta HF and a '05 NSX from the Auction House yesterday because someone put them up for cheap. I did have a couple other wheelspin exclusive cars from before. But still a couple I want my hands on, but I have [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] luck with wheelspins. Mostly get clothes, low cash or duplicates.

I know it is.

I finally collecting all “rare” cars including the pre orders for minimum buy out prices. I hate the fact that legendary painters/tuners have the option to charge ludicrous amounts for cars while regular sellers can only charge pennies. There should be another way to reward the “legendary” people instead of giving them all the auction house power. Plus we should be allowed to gift cars to friends instead of being forced to put them on the auction house only for them to be sniped by these gougers.


Simple answer would be to allow legendary tuners painters a 100% mark up on the normal price. A few 10m cars could be sold for 20m while all the exclusives wheelspin cars would be far less expensive.

100% is plenty of mark up

It takes at least 20 hours of driving even with VIP to ‘earn’ 20m so I don’t see why spending even a few hours on design gives 20m x infinity.

They cars only sell because they are rare, not because of the designs

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Legendary tuners and painters…and half of the tunes and designs are crap.Well imo everyone should be allowed to increase the price in very rare cars like wrx '04,tt rs and all cars that is hard to i can sell my wrx '04 120k but a legendary (crap) painter can sell it for 20mil.nicee.If only this was the problem with this beta testing version of this game.really disappointed from the game PG.Lets wait for a forza stuff or a moderator to come and say submit your ticket!

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Oh my god this again?


Apparently. All cars listed above are in my garage, and not from the auction house either.

Do people actually play these games, or just go straight to the auction house and sit?



Yes, I’ve played since the game was released.

Most of the more popular of these “wheelspin exclusive” cars never even show up in wheelspins for me, which is why Auction House is the only other option.

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“Reasonable” deals can be found in the AH for some of these vehicles, it just takes patience and timing. Managed to get the 05’ NSX with all perks unused for only 6 figures at buyout; car was painted and tuned though whether the seller was of Legendary status I can’t recall.

Also, check on the Seller’s Marketplace here.

Yes - a shameless plug, I buy and sell there. But good opportunity if you’re really jonesing for a specific ride. Most of us aren’t “legendary” and are willing to negotiate prices that are far below what the “Legends” sell for. I’ve bought and sold some unicorn cars for reasonable sums.

I love driving, racing and grinding, but also love to flip cars…especially when I can put my liveries and tunes on them. Brand awareness!

Yeah I was lucky yesterday, managed to get the '05 NSX, Lancia Delta and '18 Cayenne for a reasonable price.

But since gifting isn’t an option, isn’t there a risk of someone else taking it before the intended buyer gets it?

But since gifting isn’t an option, isn’t there a risk of someone else taking it before the intended buyer gets it?

There is, but that’s part of the fun. You can 95% minimize the risk when the buyer and seller communicate throughout the entire process and insure the transaction is timed to the second. Of course, that’s why there’s also a guilty pleasure in sniping a GT3RS PO or other rare one for list price during a sale. There’s a rush in getting the car you want, or beating the snipers with someone on a sale, etc. Just another bit of healthy competition.

I don’t have legendary status and I was bummed it took me a year to finally get a 928GTS in FH3 (missed the original forzathon), but I enjoy completing the garage and figuring out ways to acquire and afford it. All part of the fun.

Same reason people do multiple Goliath laps or farm influence at the dunes. I’d bet most have done it before.


For me part of the fun in this game is scoring a rare car from the auction at it’s non-inflated price. I’ve been trying to find the Porsche GT3 PO car since launch. I’ve probably searched for it at least a thousand times. Haven’t seen one let alone been beat to the buy out on one. Around 11:30 am today I got the GT3 PO car and 2 '04 STi’s for a total of 250k. I’m still in shock to be honest. And I have no plans on selling them either. I figure they’re better off in my garage rather than in the hands of a flipper.

Edit: nothing personal against the flippers. Just not my thing.

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Yeah its mad, it existed in FH3 too. I remember i was desperate for a 918 Spyder but all the prices were bumped up to 20mil. Then i got a couple 800k offers from “mortal” people but all of them got snatched before i could buy them out, until i finally managed to grab one.

Tbh all of these cars you showed above not much of an interest for me, but i will still buy 'em just to have them. Just grabbed an NSX under 100k, and still had the 300k credit perk unused, so basically the car was free. About 2 weeks ago i bought one because i’ve seen it has a 300k perk so i was hoping some easy money, but it got sold because the previous owner already took it, and because i didnt know its a rare car.
I’ve seen a TT RS too for ~80k a couple minutes earlier, but somebody was faster than me.

If you are lucky and look for the right car at the right moment you can grab yourself a deal. That’s how i got a F40 C for 1,4mil, a McLaren F1 GT for 2,5mil? - cant remember the exact price but it was very cheap.

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What are these cars exactly? And what do they have to do with legendary painters and tuners? Somebody even mentioned untalented painters selling them for millions?

There is quite a few of them, i dont remember all of those but you can find list easily by typing “how to get all exlucisive cars in horizon 4” on google.

Yuo earned legendary status by getting totally 50k downloads/likes/uses on your tunes or designs. And way how recommended design and tune page works still sometime ago guys who was get game early was huge advantage because all most popular ones was showed and because this is gamepass game and many people dont know how to use search those who get top spot get huge amount of downloads so there was lots of simple color swaps, and max out tunes (just slam all the max parts and share the car without any testing) good example is agera rs most popular design is simple color swap with over 100k downloads so that guy is “legedary” painter without any kinda painting skills.