Do Not Use On Mobile!!!

Hello everyone,

I am not new to full sites, mobile site or responsive, but while reporting an issue with Double Forzathon Points not being rewarded after the patch, I proceeded to sign up using my exiting Microsoft login, it would not work without approving access to Zendesk, so after some research, I caved and approved Zendesk access… when setting up the specific password for the support site (apparently still required), the section where the email should go was grayed out with only my user name displayed. Out of precaution, I set a unique password for the site. The confirmation was sent to the proper Microsoft email account -all seemed right…

When attempting to return to update addition details and issues, login access was denied… using the same Microsoft email the confirmation was sent to -no luck… Tried just using the user name displayed at time of sign up -no luck

Attempted replying to the email sent about the initial support issue -no luck (not sure what your guys response time standard is but it’s approaching the 48 hour mark without holiday or weekend)
Even attempt password rest to no avail >:(

For now, mobile is my only secure source, how can it get this resolved if the support site itself is the issue?

Please Advise!


Need help!!! any mods have a link of where I can get this resolved???

I’ve logged in on it with my phone, no issues, used my Microsoft account sign in.

Never heard of this zendesk

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Is there a “Z” in the corner of the email replies from the site?

Don’t know, haven’t actually communicated with them through there

Zendesk is a support ticketing system but I have no idea what he is talking about.

Signed in from my phone (iOS 12.0.1) using my Microsoft account, had to approve Zendesk app access to login. The login grayed out the email address (showing only my name -which is part of the email address). The verification email was sent to the proper Microsoft email address, clicked the link to verify the email address… this attempts to log you into the support site, the login failed, yet an email stating that the support request was received (Double Forzathon Rewards are Broken)…Because of Zendesk, I can not login with my Microsoft account and can’t seem to get help to either reset the login or create a new that matches my Xbox account (important for receiving points and credits owed).

Not sure what type of turnaround their support team has, but Mixer issues (I know, totally different division) are responded to within an hour vs nothing from Forza support in 72 hours (not a holiday nor weekend)

Oh, well I think most people aren’t getting a reply very quickly. I doubt Forza has but one or two folks running it versus probably an entire team for mixer, since that seems to be Microsoft’s baby at the moment

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Good to know, thanks the info