Do not understand Eliminator

I understand the mechanics, and have come close to winning a couple of times, but it’s been sheer luck honestly. It takes SO. BLOODY. LONG. for the game to show you the destination for any head-to-heads that by the time it shows up, I might have been facing the right direction, or I might have been going the complete opposite direction of where it wanted me to go. Who knows? Ignoring the “We’re Ignoring These Broken Things” item about sometimes you just can’t engage in a head-to-head race at all, this part of it I just don’t get. There was something that said the races will always “head towards the center of the arena”, but that is… vague and unhelpful in my experience, because that leaves a whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooole lot of wiggle room.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on predicting where a head-to-head race’s destination is going to be before the game actually tells you where it is, I’d love to hear it, because as is, it’s a minimum of five to ten seconds, which in a racing game is a freaking eternity.


Stay clear of eliminator until they address all the bugs and issues which at this rate will be sometime in fall 2028

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Ah, a fellow optimist!

I know exactly where your coming from. I finally did the Festival achievement for 2 eliminations that took me close to 25 odd goes to get. I could get the first elimination pretty quick but it was sooooo hard just trying to find another player to get the second (and then they happen to be level 7 or 8 super quick monster machines lol!!!).

I got so frustrated that i nearly threw my controller at the wall, but i took a chill pill and tried again.

I didn’t even bother trying for the win at the end when i got my 2 eliminations as previous experience has shown that even if i am in lead, i always lose when i’m about 300 or so meters from the checkpoint.

I’ve decided awhile back that i’m only doing the Festival requirement for Eliminator and that is it.

I’ve done 5 Eliminator games and have had the following results:

  1. Finished 5th didn’t see another player until the final event
  2. Lost connection when there were 20 divers left didn’t see another driver
  3. Lost a head-to-head was facing the wrong direction when it started but also didn’t even see the other driver, finished 16th
  4. Finished 6th didn’t see another player until the final event
  5. Finished 10th didn’t see another player until the final event

So in 5 games I’ve only seen other players once the final event starts including the one time I was eliminated.

I only play it to finish out the Playlist. Anytime someone in a stronger car challenges me, I just quit, there is absolutely zero point in trying to beat them. I got lucky this past week when it was required to beat two opponents for the Playlist, because I got a level 7 car almost immediately. I easily beat someone in a VW, then got a level 8 car, then easily beat another person in a VW and didn’t care what happened after that, but what gets me, is that the level 9 car was worse than the level 8 car I had, and so I lost the next head-to-head I had. So apparently even the levels of the cars aren’t very accurate. Oh well, at least you only have to usually come in 30trh for the Playlist and that’s always super simple by just hiding.

So I took advantage of not seeing anyone to get one of the accolades done - reach the final race in the Vocho. I drove into the circle, parked up and sat there for 2mins. Circle shrank, drove into the next one, parked up waited another minute or so. Again and made it to the final circle. Not one challenge and while I did see the occasional circle of another driver on the mini-map there was no car visible in the world.

Of course getting 2 eliminations in one round is something more of a challenge when it plays like this.