Do NOT Quit the Last Showcase!!! Potential bug?

So I just did the final showcase of the game. It says you’re supposed to get 2m+ CR for beating it. So i initially started the race then realized i should change my settings to get more CR from the event. So midway through i hit quit race. Following this i get the achievement for completing the last horizon festival showcase event… weird. But i didn’t think anything of it so i go back to the showcase event which still says ‘new’ next to it and I try it again. This time i change my settings and i win/finish the event. So i’m getting all excited for 3m+ CR at the end of the event… AND BAM, i’m given only about 7,000 CR for doing the event… so in other words I somehow lost the ability to win the big CR amount for the last showcase of the game because i quit the race on a prior attempt… Idk if this is supposed to happen or if it’s a glitch, but either way DO NOT quit the last showcase event… Take it from my misfortune.

I only got about 6.5k + assists, I’ve never seen anyone getting 2m+ credits for it

I got 7k credits and over a million fans. I think that’s where the confusion and problem lies.

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2m fans, lol.