Do liveries work between normal and HE versions of cars?

There’s some liveries I like that I’ve downloaded (I didn’t create them). They work on the regular version of the car, but not on the HE version? Is there a way I can do this, or must I beg the creator to make a new livery?

Short answer:

Long Answer:
Liveries and tunes cannot be directly uploaded to both the Horizon Edition and the standard edition of a car; a creator will have to recreate their design/tune from scratch on the second car. Livery-wise, as the majority of Horizon edition cars have identical texture mapping to the standard versions, a painter can save each side of the car as a layer group, load those groups on the new car and line them up accordingly.

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PJT … I would argue that the short answer is ‘no’. There’s no way for anyone to download or use a paint designed for a standard model on a Horizon Edition model or vice versa. The only way to do that would be to have the original creator of the design created a second design on the other model and share it for the user to download as a second paint.

Oh… I wrote “Yes” instead of “No”. That was my mistake (as my long answer explains), thanks for pointing it out.

Nope but you can can save the Each side of the first car design as vinyl group and then open up the HE car and reapply the graphics that way works great.

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The OP is talking about downloaded designs. You can’t open up downloaded designs and save sides as vinyl groups as you mention. Downloads are completely locked.

Ikr its stupid they don’t do that I think the reason why is they put standard upgrads on the he versions so the the cars show up differently :slight_smile: