Do i need?

So next month i am buying a new Xbox One X and i was thinking what things need Xbox Live Gold, what does it unlock?
By The way, do i need XBLGold to access community Designs? i hope i don’t need

Xbox Live Gold unlocks multiplayer racing, Forzathon Live, and Seasonal Playlist rewards that are Co-Op (“The Trial” and “Playground Games”) when playing Horizon 4 from a console. You’ll be able to download car designs provided by the community without an Xbox Live Gold membership, though I’m not sure if you can share your own designs without it. Also, I don’t recall if the Auction House has any restrictions for console users without Xbox Live. Prior to purchasing Xbox Live Gold, I recommend that you play Horizon 4 on the console to see if all the features that you want are available on its own.

Another thing to consider is that Microsoft is expected to release three new Xbox One models next year, IIRC. If you can hold off your purchase, then it’s very likely that you’ll find some nice deals on the Xbox One X as we get closer to the launch date of the next gen consoles. Another thing to consider is that future releases of Horizon will probably be focused around the hardware capabilities of these newer machines.

I played Horizon 4 on my Xbox One without Xbox Live for roughly 4 months and it was pretty good. I ended up getting Xbox Live because I wanted a car that was being offered in one of the co-op Playlist challenges. Despite that, I feel that the game really opens up when played online even though it may not be as robust as some other online titles. At this point I can’t imagine playing H4 as a completely offline game with the knowledge that I’d be sharing the roads with nothing but soulless Drivatars. Anyhow, you’ll probably get an invitation to try Xbox Live for a month at a promotional price (if not free) when you start playing H4, so definitely take advantage of it if/when it’s offered to you.