Do I need counseling???

Seriously, I think I have a problem. I’m coming up on owning this game for 100 days. I’m also coming up on reaching level 2,000. My GF (I vaguely remember her) keeps yelling at me to give it a rest, but I just can’t. I get the cold sweats, the hand shakes, the nervous twitches… Just have to get my fix.

Anyone know a good therapist that could help :slight_smile:

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Nah. You’re good.

Your girlfriend may need some counseling though. Sounds like her priorities are messed up big time.

Hope she gets some help for it :smiley:


That’s what I thought. Maybe we can hurry him to 9,000 so we can do “over 9,000” jokes.

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I didn’t even know it was possible.


Now THAT’S dedication! And here I thought I was a bada** with my lvl. 400…

His GF needs to paint herself bright red, tattoo a Ferrari emblem on her face, and wear a hat shaped like a momo steering wheel. Then he’ll pay attention to her again.

It’s the only way.


I was in a match last night with folks over level 3000 and over 3100.

maybe a little but dont we all

Over level 2000?

Wow. Not a cat in hells chance you have a girlfriend at all. LoL.

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You don’t know a thing about me, so go ahead and make naive statements.

I can’t breathe I’m laughing so hard.


Welcome to my world…10yrs of Forza. lol

Lou, I have to say I really enjoy your posts. You always seem to look at things in the lighter side of things and sometimes this forum needs that. I am at level 360 and thought I was doing good. Level 2000 is incredible. I will however say I am addicted to the forza series as I am a tier 6 at 8410 and very shortly I will be at the maximum of 8500 till the next forza comes out. Probably this fall with horizon 2

Thank you. I do try to clown around a bit and try to have some fun. The level is meaningless really. I reached a good bit of that while I was learning how to play the game and still really sucked. My Eagles being knocked out of the playoffs early, a snowy winter, and lots of days missed from work contributed greatly to it. Ok, so I took a few extra off that the weather didn’t really factor into :slight_smile:

If you would have told me 6 months ago that I’d be addicted to playing a video game, I’d have told you that you were crazy. Microsoft did such a great job with their advertising during the holidays that I can blame them, its all their fault. Don’t know if I’ll be around as long as you, but I’m having a blast with it right now.

Is there a leader board for levels or something, I’m… just after 500, can’t remember right now, and I stopped playing for huge gaps of time, would love to know the highest level in the game. There’s probably someone out there who just takes a DW12 for 50 laps on the Brickyard day in and day out.

Yes there is a leaderboard on trueachievements website or maybe its one of the other achievement websites. Can’t remember. I think that leaderboard only includes those who didn’t use tokens to boost their level.

I’m training to be a Clinical Psychologist and I’m pretty addicted to this game also. Does that help?

LOL! Thanks for that bud. I thought my level 811 was impressive so far. If it starts effecting your social life, your work, or your sleep then take a break but if it’s just the GF then, meh, who cares! I KID! ha ha. Still, nice thread.

maybe get a new gf ?

The game is its own therapist! NOTHING wrong with playing lots of Forza. With all the time you’ve played this game, I can only assume that you had less time to spend on pointless and expensive entertainment (like movies, clubbing, eating out). Forza has probably saved you a tons of money as it’s kept you at home, and it’s a lot more productive than wasting hours on Facebook and similar sites.

I can see how a girlfriend could see things differently, however. For some reason, not all of them are too understanding when it comes to video games. It doesn’t seem to matter how understanding boyfriends are concerning their need for shopping or constant enhancement of their shoe collection!

After about two months with my Xbox One (and my only game FM5), I haven’t yet broken level 150, but then I spend about 90% of my Forza time on vinyl editing, and that won’t level anyone up last time I checked… lol No rush for myself to level up, as I–for once–am enjoying Forza slowly this time around. Kudos to you for reaching 2k though!