do i need a x1 to play the pc version?

just asking

I’m not sure that I’m following… Are you asking if the copy of Forza 7 that you bought for your Xbox One also comes with an install on your PC? If so, then to the best of my knowledge, the answer is “yes”, so long as you bought a digital copy and not a physical one.

Looking for the same answer.
Got a digital copy for the xb1x and went to check out price in M$ store but it said i all ready owened it and had an install tab. So guessing can have it on both Xbox and PC for the price of one game.

(not tried installing yet though)

Yeh, if you own the digital version of the game then you can install it on Xbox and PC.

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Does your game profile carry over to pc or can you have 2 different save games?

If you want multiple game saves on PC it’s like anything else. Just create another user and log in as that profile.

Using the PC Xbox store app you can change to use other accounts/profiles but I suspect you will need to run the game at least once with the same home profile from the console at least once, in order to get the PC version of the game activated.

You don’t need to own a console to buy a digital copy of the game. It’s tied to your Microsoft account on your PC. The game is crossplay so if you ever get a console you just have it logged in as the same account on your PC and you use the same save file back and forth if you want. Pretty simple.