Do I have to use credits for cars that are in a pack I have just bought?

NOTE: I do not have the car pass.

No. If you’ve purchased one of the DLC car packs, you still need to go through the Buy Cars process like you would to add any cars to your garage … but when you get to the screen were you’d normally confirm the purchase with credits or tokens, the cars from the DLC will be free.

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If this does not happen. Quit your game and start it back up. You should be seeing instead of the car price a large font, bright green FREE fr DLC cars. This is one time only though, after you accept the free car you must buy it.

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Does that happen when I have purchased the Road America Booster Car Pack

Does that apply to the Road America Booster Car Pack?

Yes. All dlc cars should be free the first time you buy them.

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