Do groups of people host custom lobbies like in the old days of Forza 4?

One of my favorite things of Forza 4 was the public custom lobbies where you could just meet people, chill, drift, race whatever on various tracks. With the absence of public custom lobbies (why??) are there any communities that host these sort of events in custom private lobbies?

Look in the Racers Lounge for arranging events with other players on the forums, and the Clubs and Looking for Group features on Xbox for finding like-minded players.

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I’ll try that thanks.

I play on PC and haven’t had much luck with the looking for group feature unfortunately.

the answer to your question is no.

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Unfortunately no, this game is basically circling the drain. Hopefully there will be an influx of players over Christmas otherwise this game will be dead before the season pass is complete.

Well that’s disappointing. I’d play Forza 4 again but I’m not paying for Xbox Live.

you need xbox live to play Forza 7 online anyways so i dont see how that would be an issue.

You dont need an xbox live gold membership with PC