Do Car Pass digital download codes still work?

I recently discovered that FM5 had reached End of Life status. While searching for alternate ways to obtain the DLC cars, I found that the Car Pass grants holders all of the DLC cars for no cost in-game. If I were to buy it from a retailer (GameStop, Amazon, etc.), would the digital download code still be operational, or were those discontinued along with the removal of all DLC from the Microsoft store?

It should work. If not, you’ll be the person infroming all of us about the discontinuation of the redeemable code.

As far as I remember, the only codes unavailable today are the three promotional Top Gear codes for FM3. It’s a dashboard theme and an avatar item and a car pack featuring the logos I guess. Other codes works for almost any game. So you should be safe.

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Just bought both the VIP and Car Pass today from Gamestop and both seem to have worked. Both packs downloaded onto my Xbox One and unlocks are showing in game

Tuesday, November 27 2018 4:43 PM UTC
Forza Motorsport 5 VIP $19.99 US
Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass CTC $19.99 US
Purchased these online codes from GameStop 2 days prior
Installed via MS store with Xbox 1 X
Both codes worked.

Bonus works, confirmed by leveling up after a race.
15 cars received, 10 gifted Turn 10 selects and 5 show free in the shop.
(It took a few minutes and I had to restart FM5 for all 10 gifts to appear.)

CAR PASS CTC (As it appears in GameStop computer)
This one apparently opens up for free in FM5 shop, ALL DLC CARS except 3 Hondas, 14 Civic Si, 94 Prelude Si, and 84 Civic CRX Mugen.
Also, I just noticed that it gifted 4 cars.
1999 #3 Toyota Motorsports GT-ONE TSO20
1968 ALFA Romeo 33 Stradale
1961 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage
2013 Ferrari LaFerrari
So, apparently, you get 2 of each because they show in the shop free as well. I downloaded the Toyota and then went to the shop and bought it free. Now there are 2 in the garage. I assume it works the same for the other 3.
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There were 2 other car passes for sale at GameStop. One for $50.99 US and one for $52.99 US. I’m not sure what the difference is, but the aforementioned Car Pass CTC ($19.99 option) did allow me to get the Holden #10 Xbox Racing Team Commodore VF and the 64 Chevy Impala SS 409 which I believe are both needed for achievements.

Just an update that this still works as of the date and time above.
Thx for original post, happy to follow up. I would suggest buying these codes ASAP, if you are interested.


Feb 10th, 2019

I just bought a digital code for the Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass for $20 from and was able to successfully redeem it. Still working as of today. I chose not to buy the VIP Pass for $20 since it only unlocks 5 cars, and I think the 2x player acceleration boost is just for credits. Since I have about 2-3 years worth of Forza Reward gift payouts queued up about (60 million credits), I think I’m good on money.

September 19, 2019

I just was able to get a new copy of the steelbook edition. I also purchased the car pass on newegg a few weeks ago. Redeemed the code but didn’t have the game until now. It didn’t show up in the xbox store menu, nor did it automatically download, so before booting the game for the first time, I clicked start on the game’s icon and clicked manage content or whatever. The car pass was listed under ready to install.

Not only did the car pass work, but the vip code with the exclusive steel book edition cars and tokens worked.

I was mostly interested in the Top Gear Car Pack, and it appears to have worked. The Ford Transit SuperSportVan is in my inventory right now. Was free to purchase indicating that I own it. Note that the “Marketplace” menu is functionless. Don’t try to get cars there. You’ll know if you have it if the cars are listed as free when you go to buy cars.

Also, interesting to note, now in forza rewards it says I have my full 1000/1000 tokens, and 5/5 paid DLC. So it appears the tokens from that code worked, and the car pass, going off of how it has been for me in other games, counted for the 5 paid DLC.

As far as I know this is the only possible way to obtain 1000 Forza Motorsport 5 tokens now, as they have been delisted. Installing the game for the first time only gives you 100. So I Have 1350 (1250 from the LE steelbook). I don’t have any use for them, given my forza rewards credits gifts, but yeah. Huge boost to forza rewards. Now I’m tier 9!!

Just if anyone was wondering, yes this seems to be the only way to get your token credits if you didn’t before the game was delisted. Weirdly though, it appears you can still buy tokens for FH2 and FM6 even though those were just delisted. But FM5 tokens are not available to purchase directly any more.

All right about the DLC redeemable by codes. All DLC provided by code should work, except the 3 special Top Gear codes included in the Platinum Hits edition of Forza Motorsport 3 as far as we noticed. Free DLC is gone though.

Now for the Token requirements and the Paid DLC requirements, they were all given to everyone two years ago I believe.
Everyone should have them after starting the game.

Hello everyone !!!

Recently I acquired the FM5, and I started some researches on the internet about how to get all DLC’s of FM5.
The point is that according to I have read in this discussion, the unique manner to get these DLC’s of FM5 is buying the Car Pass. My questions are:
i) The Car Pass delivery all DLC’s cars that are contained in the FM5, and more specifically, how many cars are contained at this card? and ii) I’d like to know your opinion about to buy the Car Pass, the VIP Membership or buy both cards to integrate the collection cars of FM5?

I appreciate your attention.

Kind Regards, Samuel.