Do car mastery skills carry over to story missions?

So I am having a bit of trouble with the Upgrade Heroes Mazda & Peugeot missions, I can’t quite get enough points and was wondering if applying score boosting skills to the same cars in my garage would help me score more points in the story?


You’re not using your own car in the stories. You’re using a game provided car with a game provided tune. Effectively a rental.

For the Mazda (drift) mission: Get enough speed for the drifts, don´t waste time trying to drift when you lost your speed. Switch off traction control and use the handbrake when initiating the drift.

For the Peugeot (skill chain) mission: Don´t break the skill chains to raise the multiplier to the maximum. Avoid hitting solid objects. Best way is to accelarate, drift and hit fences or lights, then accelerate again. then it should be fairly easy…

Good luck