DLC stops in July?! Come on guys...

Why stop the DLC in July? So no more cars or tracks?
Disappointed if that’s the case as there are not enough tracks or cars compared to Gran Turismo. You need to release at least ten more circuits and carry on the car packs for another 12 months.
Still no Nurburgring either. It’s been bought so pop over and map it.
Keep the car packs coming and tracks too. Car pack every month and a track every two? Please?
You could make Forza so much better than Gran Turismo if you put a little more work in. More race cars and tracks please (plus you make more every month)

Yours hopefully, Gordon

Just so you know, it takes approx 12 months to make a track, and 6-9 months to make a car.

Expect this thread to be locked shortly, this should be posted in the wishlist threads.

And remember: quality over quantity

Edit: also, noone said the DLC would stop, just the car pass

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No where has it been stated that DLC stops in July, all that’s been said is that the car pass has been extended till July.

fun how some people can spin something negative out of something positive!


No where has Turn 10 stated that the will stop DLC after July


I don’t think the DLC stops in July, I think the only thing stopping in July is free car packs for the people who bought the car pass, so after July everyone will have to pay extra for any DLC that is released. I’m not positive about this but I’m pretty sure this is what is happening.

Where did you get that car packs stop at July?
They only said the Car Pass extends to the July car pack.
They’re still able to pump out car packs after that and judging Forza 4, they probably will.

Also the comparison to Gran Turismo is always bad.
Turn 10 will never reach the amount of content in Forza 5 to compare even close to GT6.
On the other hand, Forza doesn’t suffer the big complaints GT has like two tier car and track quality, terrible AI and terrible car sounds (mostly).

If they decide to not provide anymore content, you will probably have to wait for Forza 6 to get what you want.
We’ll se.

The announcement has been misquoted in many places. If you leave out the words “included in the car pass” it totally changes the meaning. My interpretation of the announcement is that the car pass ends in July. We do not know what the dlc plan is after that.

If it’s only the car pass then it’s fine. I may have misread that! I know it takes months to map tracks and cars but surely they have the data from 4 so fingers crossed they keep going with it but you have to admit forza 5 is lacking in circuits.

Why would this post be in the wishlist? I’m not wishing for anything just hoping a lot more is to follow on and Forza will keep growing and more people will be tempted by an Xbox one.

I am not complaining just hoping they carry on adding content to the game as career was quite short. Porsche pack would be a welcome return too

Wishing = Hoping and Hoping = Wishing. Wishing for multiple things = Wishlist. Wishlist = Thread lock.

If Gran Turismo is so much better than Forza, go play GT. No one said you had to play Forza. Oh, and I love this bit: “I’m not complaining…career was quite short.” I’m pretty sure that’s a complaint if you don’t like it… And it just sucks when people selectively quote you, doesn’t it?