DLC Porsche Cars Can't Be Purchased In Game Auction

Well, well, well…

While owners can put their dlc Porsche Cars up for sell in the auction, FH3 won’t let you buy them. They quickly try to get you to buy it from them instead. They are hungry for the money. This is wrong.

I also purchased a Martin Aston car which was upgraded by the seller, FH3 removed the upgrade so I can spend the money.

I don’t know if they’re running behind of the expected money they were hoping for, and now out for blood lol

Not funny though!

It’s wrong what’s going on

I’m not quite sure I follow your complaint. Am I understanding correctly that you didn’t buy the Porsche DLC? If that’s the case, then no, you’re not going to be able to get the cars contained within any other way. It’s always been that way.


It sounds like you didn’t purchase the DLC, so essentially you think you should be entitled to pirate the DLC that the rest of us have to pay for by getting them in the auction house. In game money isn’t real money. It’s pretend. The sense of entitlement these days is amazing. Give your head a shake.


1 DLC cars can only be bought from the auction house if you own said dlc.
2 I have never had a tune removed on a car bought on the auction house. If it has somehow been removed I suspect you will own the parts so put them back on.


Its Aston Martin, not Martin Aston

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Kind of depends what country you are from how the names go some countries put the model first followed by the Manufacturer, 6 of one half a dozen of the other.

Aston Martin is the manufacturer, not a manufacturer and a model.


Point taken I did post that at 1:30 in the morning or there abouts but point is still valid some countrys swap first and last with names.

Someone that doesn’t own the DLC shouldnt be able to buy the cars in AH. You should be able to collect your credits if you bid if that is the case. The DLC was paid with real money to purchase and it wouldn’t be right if others could pay with fredits. This is the case with all DLC not just Porsche. The DEVs did add quite a few Porsche for everyone via the forzathons but they don’t include those models that were DLC. DLC CARS are listed here and unless you buy it you will not be able to use these cars.

I’m not sure I understand this section though. I’ve never seen the game remove the build and tune before. We have the ability to do that by trying to tune a locked set up. By pressing a button to restore to default. But if you bought it on AH you will have those parts still and it shouldn’t cost you credits to reinstall them - though it may be a pain figuring out which parts were apart of the build if your unfamiliar with the system

Once more, the ONLY way to get a dlc car is to buy it with real money. Once you paid for a DLC, you can sell or buy those car in AH and you can also buy those cars in marketplace. If you didn’t pay for a dlc you can see the cars in the AH but you can’t bid on.

If you buy a tuned car in AH, when you enter in the garage to buy new part, the car will automaticaly come back to original setup. But you can reinstal all the previous parts which has been installed by the previous owner (I don’t know if I’m clear enough). You just have to see which parts are showed as “already buyed” and then reinstal them

The Porsche DLC is a good buy about 1 dollar a car or so and the first set are free from the Auto Show after you buy the pack, then you will be able to buy and sell any Porsche in the game.

Also if you have gold the DL packs for Horizon go on special quite often. My total cost for Horizon 3 and all game content was just over $70, as I waited till it went on special, also got the DL packs on special. Ther are people who have paid up to $200 :fearful::scream: to get it first. If you dont mind waiting a couple of month to buy new games you can save over 60%

tries to pirate DLC but can’t

“You guys are greedy for money!!1!1!”

That’s what I got from that.


Many of you are so strange and unable to read clearly.

I have the Ultimate edition, and I purchased everything else not part of the ultimate version.

Those people that were too quick to jump in and call “pirate” are classless. That’s me being real nice. I’m so disappointed.


I just don’t like all the Porsche Cars which I could have purchased for about $7. Instead, I went to the GAME AUCTION to buy those two I like from members wishing to get cash to spend on other cars. They are all over the auction, except there are no bidders because no one can bid on them.

Right OK see what you mean now has been a slight issue as of late the Ultimate Edition only included the first 6 car packs as well as the VIP the Porsche is Car pack 7, Ther will be about 3 to 6 more car pack that will be released once a month starting in June, Each car pack will have to be payed for if you want them. Ther is not one this month due to the Hot Wheels pack being released on the 9th of May.

Your first post in this thread made not one bit of that clear. You never mentioned you had the Ultimate Edition or anything else, just went on a rant about not being able to buy Porsches on the auction house.

You bought everything, but the Porsche pack, is that correct? If so, then you still won’t be able to buy the cars from the Auction House.

You do know you can buy most cars from packs individually, right?


Like others have said and I added link to which were DLC. If you don’t own the DLC then you can get the cars in game. I own the ultimate edition well, and I only expect the cars that are apart of what I purchased to be available to me.

Consider this. If you could pick up DLC cars with out the DLC why would anyone purchase the DLC.

I hope that makes it more understandable if there is a misunderstanding

However if the argument is I own the ultimate edition why can’t I have the Porsche included in DLC with out purchasing the DLC. That is covered in a LOT of other threads. Porche DLC and others were not part of the ultimate edition

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You know it would have been smart to clarify that you have the Ultimate edition in the first place right? Then people wouldn’t have gotten onto you, you can’t expect us to just know.

I’m hoping this place is a lot nicer than that and this doesn’t reflect how members here actual treat each other.

Yes, you are correct. I tried to buy those two cars because the auction’s price are very cheap.