DLC Help

I need some help with my DLCs.

I originally had the 2 disc game since it was released, but earlier this year disc 1 became unreadable.
Missed playing online so much that I got a copy of Essentials as a gift. It didn’t take long to realize you do not have all your cars from Disc 2 anymore and your DLCs that you had purchased; or at least my case.
Being a die hard fan I went ahead and purchased all the missing cars/packs through Xbox live and downloaded them all.
Waited till each one was downloaded before moving to the next (read that was an issue not waiting)
Here’s where I get frustrated. None of the DLCs are available to use even though they are in my garage already. most of them have liveries on them in my garage. I read that you have to purchase them with in game credits in the “dealership”, but that doesn’t work either. I try to buy them with in game CRs and takes me to the market place to download again.

I have done this several times, even with the free samples with no luck what so ever.

Does anyone have any idea of what I should do aside from buying another Full copy of forza 4? Spent the money DLCs already for the cars missing from disc2

I also have a Xbox Elite not sure if that’s an issue, but saw a post some where that someone said he had the problem on his xbox elite.

Try accepting the prompt to download the DLC, and see if it lets you choose “Download Again”. If it tries to make you pay again, contact T10 or Microsoft and see if they can help.

Thank you Bulin for the response.
I’ll give that a shot.

It did want me to pay for DLCs I had gotten bout 2 years ago.
I ended up deleting the entire game except for my saved file and that seemed to resolve that issue, but my disc 1 was still working and this was pre-essentials and haven’t tried that since.

I just want to finish up this game before I jump into 5 and get some tandem drifting online going again.