DLC content cars free?

I logged in after a few weeks of not being around to use my Xbox and saw that now cars I receive through DLC purchases are free to buy without in game credits one time.
I’m torn on this. Its cool that I have access to them right away, but I now find myself wondering what credits are supposed to be used for if its not for the incentive of buying new cars?
Seems kind meh the more I think about it…

Any other thoughts?

I was always opposed to getting these cars for free. People argue “but they’re not free because I paid real money for them” but the same can be said of the 200 original day-one on-disc cars. When I bought the game I paid real money for those 200 cars but still had to buy them in-game with credits, and I expect DLC content to work the same. Enough people cried about it, though, so poor logic won.


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Poor logic didn’t win. The majority won. Keeping a small number of people who play a game to excess happy isn’t good business practice. People who think you “earn” stuff with hard work playing a video game are just wrong.

Playing video games for the majority of people is just an hobby. It’s not like you’d make a career out of playing video games.

ohey hows it going lol.

well not a “career” but you get my point.

I realize that most thought of that way as double dipping for micro transactions. I liked it better to have to pay for them myself I guess a better sense of accomplishment but I understand why it was done either way I guess it doesn’t matter to me I bought the game to race and not speed through and get certain cars off the bat. To each there own I guess its easier now to try out more cars without haveing to grind for credits so either way I guess it has more ups than downs.

They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Some people complained about having to buy DLC with in game credits, so they made it free. Now people are complaining it takes away the challenge. It’s all a balancing act.

It is a ONE TIME free car. Once you choose one of the Free ones, that is it. If you want a second one, it costs.

Like the wise Owl said,its pretty simple really.

I love the one time free car thing, it added so many cars to my garage, took forever to claim them all though XD

A very nice array of classes, thank you Turn10.

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This isn’t a complaint, but I like the way it was before. It made me appreciate a car when I would save up enough money to be able to purchase and tune it, especially some of the more expensive cars. However I completely understand why it needed to be changed due to double dipping. Now that said I think it was a terrible decision to change it the way they did. My best friend is highly upset about this change and rightfully so. When he would purchase a DLC pack, he would also purchase enough tokens to be able to buy the cars immediately in the game. He never complained about doing this and was happy the option was there. Now that turned out to be a waste of money. I don’t think they should have done the change retroactively, just applied it to DLC cars moving forward.

I did the same thing, I spent over $60 in tokens to get some cars right away, I’ve finally got a disposable income, and I took advantage of it. Does the retroactive change bother me though? maybe a very small bit, but in the long run, it gave me instant free access to a duplicate of the cars I bought with my own real money, for free. So in a way, it paid off for me yet again. I guess people will always look at differently, but it is what makes us human after all, we don’t all agree, nor will we.

Indeed. Personally I wouldn’t have been bothered by it because he did have access to those cars immediately like he intended. For me being able to get a free duplicate makes up for it but he couldn’t care less about having duplicate cars so I do see why he’s bothered by it. The game is better off the way it is now and honestly there’s always going to be unhappy campers no matter what.

you can use the credits to buy parts which should keep you busy for a while. buying every part of a car costs over twice as much as buying every car. and this way you can have two of the same car to keep a tune or paint job on it without useing a save slot. i’m not into paint but i do use multiple tunes on the same car. you dont use the same tune for a short track you use for old lemans. and winning a race should never get old as long as you have good competition. and maybe they’ll let you carry some of the extra credits over to horizon2 or forza 6.

Totally meh on it. Didn’t even notice the double dipping thing as money is irrelevant in this game…

I don’t have much time to play… life is in the way. I have now 80+ cars in the garage, I have driven maybe 20 more than once. I have 2m credits I don’t really know what to do with. I enjoy the game and I like having options - but, as a casual player, I see no rewards to anything I do. I have more money and now cars than I can ever drive. Leveling does not really mean anything, as all the races are open to me at the start. So… the game is technically great, but this change adds to the true lack of progress/rewards/challenge.

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I think it’s a cool incentive to actually buy DLC. If you’re like me, and ultra butt-hurt at the small car list, and that every DLC pack is 80% FM4/Forza Horizon cars, you don’t wanna spend money on it for the sole reason that it’s going against principles. This is why I didn’t buy DLC in Horizon.

Though, if the cars are free, it kind of makes up for the feeling of getting jipped.

I agree with this. I am actually more inclined to buy some DLC now. If I can scrape a few more pennies from wherever I can find them.

Yeah I meant I don’t think someone would hire people to earn virtual currencies unless he has way too much money to blow. One of my friends had a game tester, student job to earn money in summer, so there are jobs involving playing games.

i see why T10 have done this but im not a fan of it personally i think its made the credits useless. I have 30 mill and theres no way i can use all that on parts or second cars, never mind the credits i’ll be earning from racing in the mean time.