DLC cars

I recently purchased the Horizon 3 The Smoking Tire Car pack and the 2016 Dodge Viper ACR and now after installing it and coming back the next day to drive them, it wants me to purchase them again… how can I fi this?

where are you going to collect them

you collect the cars from the Autoshow from the DLC tile

have you also double checked that it’s actually installed as well under manage game for FH3

Yes, I have been using them but now I cant without buying them again

Have you double checked that the content is still installed
Some glitch may have uninstalled it

Also you only get them free once

I know this might sound silly, but did you do a hard reset on your machine? That can fix these kinds of glitches.

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I have checked and the content is still installed. and no I have not hard reset my xbox, how can I do that and will it erase anything on it?

You can double tap the Xbox button on the controller and choose to restart your console from the side menu that pops up.

You can hold the Xbox power button on the console until the Xbox shuts down. This is the more intense option and if you couple this with unplugging the power cord from the wall long enough that the orange light on the power cord box shuts off it will fully reboot the console.

You can also set your console to “Eco mode” in the power settings options on the settings menu. This will fully shut down your Xbox every time you turn it off.

None of these options will delete anything from your console but if you are still worried about that try the first option first then try the second one if that doesn’t work.

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