DLC cars not showing up in "My Cars"

First off, the game is absolutely crazy awesome. Best racing game I’ve ever played and I play a lot.

So I pre-ordered so I got the day one car pack, but it wasn’t in “My Cars” or when I went to the garage. I got the launch pack too. And when I go to the car packs it says “Purchased”. And I watched them both install, the packs that is. Not sure what to do. I should have like 10 more cars but I don’t. Do I need to do something else to make them show up? Or is something going on server-wise? If that’s the case, that’s fine. I got plenty of driving to do.

But I just wanted to know if there’s a workaround or this is an issue being worked on. Thanks!

You still have to buy them…but they are free. They should show up in the Autoshow with a price of 0cr.

I had a problem with a price still being on the cars. I went to game management and uninstalled the packs, and reinstalled them and they showed up with 0cr.

I don’t think any cars should be in your garage, they just appear in the game from the list that you can buy them now with in-game credits.

I just bought the mobil car pack on xbox one store however the cars dont even show up in the game. Not in the buy cars they apparently dont exist in the game.