DLC as barn finds?

I realize it’s way too late for something like this in FH3, but I don’t recall there being an area for suggestions to future games.

A while back, a good friend of mine commented that it would be cool to see new barn finds every so often for VIP members. I agreed at first, but tonight, a better idea hit me.

Instead of making new barn finds limited to VIPs, what if they were part of the car packs? We get a free copy of each car when we buy a given pack, so what if one, two, or maybe even all of them were barn finds? To keep it fair to those not interested in a particular pack, don’t have them count towards whatever achievement there is for obtaining all of the barn finds. They wouldn’t even have to be limited to barns. Perhaps have them spawn in a hangar or other obscure places on the map. For the story line, maybe they were stolen and ditched?? Part of the car sticking up at the water’s edge maybe?? Just an idea to keep us exploring.

I, and others, honestly enjoy the hunt as much as we enjoy the rest of the game. But after we’ve reached the preset number, that part of the game is gone for two years until the next Horizon.


I like it.

I’ll always +1 these suggestions. There’s a few unused barns around the map right now that would be perfect for these.

I think we can expect at least one more barn find as DLC. Storm Island added one to FH2, so we know they are capable and have done it in the past.