[DL K] striker2's gallery

Hello everyone !



and one more

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4 / 13 / 14 ( paint by SnakeEyes Friex )

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There he is!! Good to see you back striker, look forward to more pics man!

Good to see you back bro, great shots so far

Love that 458 shot, nice work!

Thanks swtluu, Sketchamus and and Nights Viper, I appreciate it, I’m not sure how back I am yet, but I will from time to time try to post more new stuff, cheers

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Nice photos

Good to see you and your photo’s here Striker !! Any chance you could take my rocket raccoon design and take a few AWESOME shots??? :smiley:

Thank you WindsweptDragon and Snake.

  • You know I cant say no to your paints Snake hahaha, preview of what I’m working on up in post 6
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4 / 14 / 14 ( paint by SnakeEyes Friex )

Sweet shots! I like the vibrant colors that are present in each shot!

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Awesome filter work on the recent set, highlights Snake’s design perfectly

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Nice to see you got FM5 Striker. Already got some sweet shots!

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Snake’s paint is beautiful, but you made it more beautiful :slight_smile:
And love the R8 and the silvia shots.