[DL K] BO JAFAR'S Gallery

These shots are fantastic, they make me want to buy an XB1. Too bad I have to pay for petty things such as driving school and insurance :P.
I especially like this one, perfect set up:

+1 keep them coming. Can’t wait to see more from you!

The shot exitorbit mentioned, the tire shot and the last one are all beautiful BO!

Love the mood in the 2nd WRX shot, great start Jafar!

Good lord, fantastic shot!

Cant wait to see what else you produce :slight_smile:

I like the composition behind this shot.

Love these two.

Great gallery so far BO!

uh ohhh, now there is trouble! superb start

Great gallery as always Bo

Nice gallery! Love black&white shots, great job!

Awesome set! My favourites are the Veneno from FM5 and the Ford GT from FH2

The last shot gives you the feeling, that the driver is trying to escape from the end of all civilization.

The last two shots are stunning!

Oh yes!

Perfectly captured.