Discuss: Ideal 10~12 car garage?

Fellow players.

I’ve been speculating with this idea for ever now, since forza horizon 2 at least.
It is fun to collect al the cars, race all of them in the different circumstances and whatever but for horizon 4 I wanted to start small. My goal here is to create a garage of around 10 cars (that will be placed as favorites). These cars as a group are subject to a few rules/goals:

  • be of good use in all different race types
  • be of good use in all types of weather/season
  • be able to tune them myself in a proper way
  • there may be a few specialized cars
  • make sure to adjust the cars to my taste

It would be fun to get a conversation going in what you think. To see what kind of rules you think are important to fetch a 10 car garage.
Tell me what cars cannot be missed in your garage and what you want that car to be for

I just got started with these:

1 chevy corvette '02 - For street racing where there are longer streches I have an '02 corvette S class. Big wings front and rear, high grip tune and once it gets going it is a true monster
2 VW golf 2 GTI widebody FWD- For shorter street tracks I have a golf 2 GTI, still front wheel drive. This is a funny little car that drives great as well
3 NSX '95 - for medium circuit/street racing I have the rockey bunny supercharged NSX. High grip, high peak power so this is like my time attack car
4 Subaru impreza 22B - Rally cars I have a few of but I am still waiting to get the Subi 22B from the barn find.
5 Nissan skyline R34 v8 RWD - I also have a R34 v8 swapped drifting monster

So I still have to find a good offroader. For rallying I want to have the 22B subi but that will be mainly for full offroad races. There needs to be a car for like rallycross scenarios.

I find the 240sx with the r35 swap great for drifting with the origin kit an exhaust and gear tuning

Nice suggestion. Just finished up a 240SX actually. Did not mark it as favorite yet (favorites are the 10 car garage). I always had a 240SX in lime green with a sparco livery ever since playing need for speed underground 2. I brought it back every race game that had the car.

It may replace the R34 skyline but I am not so sure about the R35 swap in it tbh. I am currently running it with the stock motor tuned a bit, mainly for city/slower drifting and it does work. In real life I do not like the VR38 engine sound too much and the sound does tie the car together

For off road, it’s hard to beat the Jeep Trailcat. It’s very fun to drive and it is very competitive online as well in both A800 and S1 900 classes.

The Hoonigan Hoonicorn is one of the most fun free-roam and general cruising cars ever.

For drifting I like the Forza Edition BMW M6. Easily able to rack up several hundred perk points and hour.

I have three that need to try to believe.

First is an oddball that i did up for all the seasonal A class saloon races:

Nissan NISMO Sentra I6 rwd swap.

Kept N/A gave me lots of play for handling and traction. The flat torque curve made power predictable and useful during the winter races. It was light for excellent road mannerisms. It lacked on the power compared to the high end, but the handling advantage more than made up for it. On high difficulty AI with no driving aides and first person dominated all races by maintaining high average speed. Best Saloon for the races we have.

S1: Most racing and street challenge races especially foul weather:

HSV american muscle all the way.

Pick the Ute or the Saloon. Note ute is truck and utility while Saloon is modern muscle. Both fantastic. Saloon I did up with default engine and I think is A class for the spring events. Default engine, brakes and suspension. Sport up the tires and a bit of downforce and power. Has been solid in all races I have done though foul weather tuning stability can be bad for understeer if you trailbrake into a corner.

The ute? That front end option! Build it rally. Put in the V10, then have fun with this S1 monster! Good for what ales ya. Handling enough for all but the most technical and just a psycho drift machine. Fun cross country!

The ultimate S1 dirt/rally car.

Non turbo I6 swapped KTM X-bow with dirt tires and rally suspension. Nuff said. Weakness is it is really really bogged down by water and bottoms out more than other rally cars.

I would say for lobby games/ possible off-road would be the Baja Bug.

The car works very well for me, and with the 4WD, it can go almost anywhere.

But the only problem with it would be the times when you all of a sudden loses grip on a turn.


Have you tried dropping tire pressure? It makes loss of traction more linear.

Just a little. I will have to try it some more.


For offroad jeep trailcat, that is just way too op. Porsche cayman is super broken s1 rally car (40s track it’s over 0,5 second faster than my anyother rally car) Morris 1000 is really good in lower classes (it’s totally dominates when i tested my d500 cars) lotus elise 111 for a-class racing it’s may not be powerful but damn that car handles super well. s1 and s2 are bit harder to choise, i think i dont have even many bad choises in my garage but well lets say ferrari 488 to s1 class i really love that car. And for the s2 f50 gt that handling is so insane i could drive with that thinkg all the day.