Discription, Inappropriate Content. REALLY?

And here it is the so called inappropriate content. Are you ready, are you sitting down. " Good handling Great for the Ring." There it is, I apologize if I’ve offended anyone.

Are you asking a question?

Yes. What is with the censoring in the description program?

Well it’s not here so, where are you running into the issue?

The “Inappropriate Content” filter in-game is a Microsoft / XBLive thing, not a Turn 10 thing.

We’ve seen many examples over the years of what appears to be silly, nonsensical filtering. Can’t really do anything about it other than change the wording.

Of course, some folks have realized after-the-fact that the File Name was causing the problem, not the description. Sometimes people think it’s funny to use “bad words” in file names, or they accidentally named it something goody, or made a typo, etc.

If it really, really bothers you, head on over to the new feedback site: http://xbox.uservoice.com/ and let 'em know.

  • Don Ente