Discovery: Throttle response improves drastically when using assisted braking setting

Edited to add comparison video from OneDrive:

I took a quick look through the search but was unable to find anything related.

Simply put, see the topic title. I mistakenly put the braking setting from abs ON to ASSISTED while switching the steering from simulation back to normal. I quickly discovered that my revs and throttle response were unbelievably crisp. I had at the time the C6 ZR1 with all power mods and was having a great time just drifting around the country side. I thought it was odd, tried a few different settings to see what was causing it but ultimately discovered that my braking was turned to assisted when I began running up and down the switchbacks in the upper left corner of Sisteron and the speed cameras kept activating my brake lights and cutting the throttle. I switched off the braking and that new found crisp throttle disappeared with it.

If you’re running around in free-roam, then using the setting as the braking assist won’t activate unless you have a waypoint set. I run around with manual + clutch and have a habit of rev-matching all my downshifts along with blipping the throttle while the clutch is in if I’ve using the e-brake to initiate any drifts. It’s definately a fresh of breath air and I enjoyed driving with a very on-off style on the gas all morning thanks to a new found trick.

This is right up there with the “Increased steering angle” that is hidden within the Rally Suspension. Makes me wonder what other tweaks are out there hiding? I’ve tried out 4 different vehicles to confirm and so far this bug affects them all.

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I was skeptical but can confirm that this works. Tried it on the Cayenne and it revs up like a race car. It feels like the engine just got a fresh tune up!

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Can someone do a comparison video? I’ve got a copy of FH2, but not an X1, so I can’t test this for myself.

That is unbelievably weird.


This sounds somewhat weird and I’m a bit skeptical but I can give it a try I guess. Can’t make a comparison or side by side video but I can try it out and see…

In the end though, do I want the motor revving up a bit quicker in first gear or would I rather have control over my own brakes - and that is what it really comes down to.

With assisted braking you lose control over your brakes and throttle so is it worth it?

It makes no difference.

Here are 3 runs with Assisted Braking and 3 runs with Brake Assist Off. All runs are with manual clutch, and all the other assists off. I start each run with the clutch in and maximum revs then drop the clutch and time how long it takes to hit 100 mph.

I’m currently in the Dodge RAM Runner. It hits 100 mph in 2nd gear. All tests were done on a straight stretch of highway in the direction of traffic.

Brake Assist Off:
Run 1: 0:09.03
Run 2: 0:10.07
Run 3: 0:08.65

Assisted Brakes:
Run 1: 0:10.07
Run 2: 0:09.90
Run 3: 0:08.63

In conclusion: it makes little to no difference.

What kind of test is this? Did you actually read what the thread starter wrote? He said the throttle reacts faster.
Not that he can open the throttle body by 110%. So it shouldnt make a difference in your test at all.

If the throttle reacts faster or quicker the car should be able to rev faster and thus accelerate or achieve a desired speed quicker. This would only benefit the car at launch - so really once per race - but even so a good launch can make all the difference, right?

Again, I see no point in driving around with Assisted Braking on but that’s just me.


Just take a look at the comparison video.

If the engine is able to rev faster this just has an effect in neutral. The engine doesn’t have more power and thus the car won’t accelerate faster.

In reply to Yakov Alfa I recorded a comparison clip using the Xbox’s DVR and uploaded it to Onedrive. Haven’t figured out how to create a youtube clip yet and it’s time to shut it down for the night. Hope this helps!

Wow, it actually does do something! It’s almost like you equipped a race flywheel over a stock flywheel, only cooler sounding. I don’t know if it affects anything performance wise or if it’s just a sound glitch, but it definitely sounds better with assisted braking on.

The ZR1 was an excellent choice by the way, one of the all time most badass sounding cars. Thanks man!

I can confirm the sound changes. Epicness.

When was there ever anything wrong with the throttle response to begin with?

Lmaoo this game is soo broken