Discovery Counter Glitch?

I’ve been driving around for two days trying to get all 578 roads discovered. I’ve checked all the dirt roads multiple times, all the little "J"s and dead ends, the beach roads, etc. Zoomed all the way in and meticulously looked for any grey spot that could be on there with no luck. Today I thought maybe I did have all 578 and missed the popup so I went to look at the counter in the menus and it still shows 577/578 but then I noticed something strange. I have 57/56 Landmarks! Is it possible the game updated the wrong counter when I discovered a road?

Forza Horizon 5 counter bug screenshot

Ignore the other counters. Several are messed up for everyone.

Most likely, you missed a tiny section of dirt road or a short driveway. Zoom in and carefully review the hash marks for dirt roads. A hash mark can be partially orange(ish) and partially grey. Drive over it to make it entirely orange. A few short driveways around the map count as roads. Very easy to miss one.

Like I mentioned "I’ve checked all the dirt roads multiple times, all the little “J"s and dead ends, the beach roads, etc. Zoomed all the way in and meticulously looked for any grey spot that could be on there with no luck.” I have even tried driving back over all the hash mark dirt roads again and nothing. As I said, I spent two days just scrolling over the map and driving around double checking every little corner. I really think something is just bugged. How can I trust the road counter is correct when this other one is clearly broken?

As someone who found and deliberately drove on all the roads early on and now has 58/56 Areas Discovered, this is 100% bugged and not a case of having missed driving on a part of a road.

Whoever worries about achievements bugged at this point, really needs to step out and think deeply what is he doing. If you dont enjoy the game as it is, and you get frustrated so much for things like this… seriously, stop playing. Achievements are one of the most broken things in this game, and people is still surprised when something like this happens??? at this point??? im amazed.

The OP never said anything about the Achievement or it being bugged? They merely said they wanted to discover all the roads…contrary to what you seem to believe, not everyone plays the game in an identical way to you or prioritises the exact same things as you and, just because you think something is stupid, doesn’t make it so. And they didn’t say they were suprised either…they just asked the question of whether it was gliitched

To the OP: I struggled for a while with the last road and eventually found the tiniest sliver of grey on one of the motorway turn-offs


Ignore George - He just likes to Diss all other players for no reason - even though he didn’t even pay for the game - yet think’s he’s superior to everybody else because they spent hard earned cash on it and he didn’t.
I’ve never seen one actual post of his on Any thread that does anything helpful but instead just states that we’re all idiots for believing that the game shouldn’t be as broken as it is - even though he also often says how broken it is.

All of these stats are pretty much wrong - I think the original roads task was 576 but now I have 578/578 plus 58 / 56 Landmarks, 257/250 Bonus Boards etc.
Don’t worry about it - they’re all done - just yet another glitch.


Probably missing a nub of road that already looks like it was discovered.

578 came randomly for me while I was in a field racing in Eliminator and must’ve caught a nearby driveway or something. I was in your boat and simply gave up on finding it.

Road discovery was one of the first things I did in FH5.
Mine too was like this for ages. I scoured the map but saw no indication of a missing road.

Then one night I emerged from a race back into freeroam and I noticed in the HUD mini-map just one grey blip of road.
It’s better zoomed in on that map than we can get in the pause menu map. I’d never have seen it otherwise.
In my case it was a junction at Guantanamo. I drove it and finally got the 578th.

I don’t think it’s broken, it’s just near impossible to see where you’ve missed.

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I remember having to go over the map a lot of times with my kids to find a tiny bit of road I hadn’t discovered yet to get to 578/578.
However, I already got the accolade and achievement at 577/578.

Errors errors errors all around

Also treasure chest are still being counted as bonus boards despite them saying they fixed that lol

for me, the last section of road to get 578 was the highway interchange exits with the straight sections that allowed a left turn. Every inch showed to be white but when i drove them 578 popped!

Give it a shot!

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I think most misses the tiny beach road on the east side of the map near the player’s house there. That was the part that blocked the achievement for me personaly as I got some the road done top down and below up but missed a little section. On the map it looks like full driven through but somehow it was not completely discovered.

There’s definitely 578 and I’m on 578. If you’re on an XBox then there’s a zoom function that let’s you zoom in more than normal. I had to use this in Horizon 3 to find the last couple of roads.

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on the game settings, turn the brightness down to zero, and you will be able to see the roads better. I tried that, and it’s much easier to see what you haven’t been over. I don’t know quite why the map works that way, but it does…

The last road for me was actually at the Wilds outpost of all places. It’s unfair how difficult it is to see and there are like 3 entrances you fully have to drive over.