Discount on steam/Ms store

So a little while ago I bought the normal version on steam and really like it. However, when I read some topics it seems that the Ms store has a little better integration.

Because that I would really like to buy all the DLC’s on the MS store for around ~€20 discounted price right now.

However the same DLC is now on steam for ~€50. Is there a reason why the one is discounted en the other is not? Is it normal to buy a game cheaper on another platform?

I hope you didn’t buy the DLC on the Microsoft store because it won’t work (so I have read). If you did then MS will hopefully give a refund if you ask.

It is probably discounted on there because the game has been out for three years on that store (nearly). But it’s still quite new to Steam.

Dude dont make the ridiculous mistake of buying Forza Horizon 4 dlcs now. Wait a couple of months and just buy FH5. You going to buy it anyways, so, dont waste money just because. Save it!!!

If you need to buy the DLCs from Steam, just wait until they have one of their big quarterly sales. The prices will probably be much better then.