discord - what was the point?

What was that set up to accomplish? I was under the impression it was for discussion about Forza games to help the developers produce a better product in the next Forza game. It seems to be just another chitchat place. Nothing of any real substance just a bunch of chatter about general gameplay. And I have yet to see any interaction with Turn10 people.

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Maybe it’s about privacy?

Maybe they want to prevent search engines from finding… anything?

This seems the opposite of what they say they want to do.

Prediction: Just another fracture point in The Community.

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The point was to let people think they could be heard.


Turn ten can’t even manage to check this forum!!!

they don’t interact, they don’t reply, they don’t answer.

Watch this.




Yeah they are evil!!!

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There’s been a lot of interaction from moderators from here & staff in general both from Playground Games & Turn 10 from what I’ve seen. Actually most of the time I head over to the discord there’s at least 1 staff from either team there.

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^^^^^ This!! A quick check of the discord just now and I saw posts from 4 different T10 staffers and Retro from Playground. They’re actually quite active in the discord. Guess some people are color blind.

About custom public lobbies, define “everyone”? They brought them back in FM4 and they were majorly underutilized. The percentage of players in them compared to the hoppers was tiny, that’s why they were removed again and probably won’t return.

I’m color blind :joy:

LOL!! All good bud! Honestly, I don’t spend very much time in that discord myself. I’m not really the social media type. I don’t do FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any of that bull. I am on Discord, but I’m only in a few select servers with friends, and they’re smaller ones. The Forza discord is far too busy and not my cup of tea.

T10 has done more updates and fixes in FM7 than any other Forza. The FRR are currently being beta tested and will be rolling out in the near future. There have been two updates to the FFB system, something that has been badly needed since day one. It may not be perfect yet, but it is far better than what it was. There have been several updates to the paint booth. Sadly yes, some of the “fixes” have created other problems, and changes can be painfully slow, but they are working on improving the game all the time.

I give you that yes, they have been fixing things and it’s slowly getting to what I would have liked to have seen at release. It is getting better.

I can not simply ignore things like the deafeningly silent Experimental Drag feedback wanted thread. I haven’t seen an updated post by a developer. I haven’t found a thread, a video anything talking about what feedback is going to be implemented. If there will be anything added to the Experimental part? It’s been 6 months and nothing. Was that it? Here, there’s a track and some timing now be quiet!

Instead of keeping up with what used to be enough, this forum, it’s spread all over many places. I looked for half an hour on discord for something that looked like “wishlist” or where I could post something about said drag racing that wouldn’t get lost in conversations about where folks are taking vacations and what clothing item they’re hoping to get in the next wheel spin.

It’s my opinion that they’re missing the forest through the trees. They’re so focused on all the ways to give input and feedback, no one is listening anymore.

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All I ever seen in FM4’s multiplayer were hoppers. People said Custom Lobbies were a thing, but I never seen the option. Turn 10 must have buried it.

I’m thinking most people who wanted the Custom Player lobbies, also wanted the traffic that FM2 had. Where people browsed the lobbies and found races that suited them, or joined what was available. It seems that Turn 10 had the custom lobbies behind the hoppers, and anyone looking for a quick in and out, did not need to look any further. So in a sense Custom Lobbies was doomed due it’s low visibility.

Discord is off putting, to me. I don’t like the format for discussing or making suggestions. Topics tend to get buried there, and the chat seems like a Facebook page, with out the Facebookish fakeness.

The forums make more sense, but they don’t seem to be worthwhile with Turn 10.

My take.


I agree. I did actually start a discord account or whatever and spent quite a while trying to find a relevant thread to talk about the same things that people are talking about here. All I found is very general headings and people were talking input things other than Forza. Pointless.

As someone else said, this comes off as just another hoop to jump through. Why is this forum not enough. One place. Or even Facebook or twitter. Just one place. Continuing to come up with new places to discuss things instead of just discussing things is dumb. These forums or coming up with discord(which is prolly just some app that is trying to get some downloads) would be ok if there was interaction.

Maybe who ever that was did see 4 Turn 10 staff members. Great. Doesn’t mean anything is going to change or be done. I have lost pretty much all my faith that Turn 10, Playground or Microsoft have any interest in fixing things or bringing Forza back to what it was or making it what it could be.

It’s just dress up and dance moves.


I expect that’s exactly the reason they did that. In a forum, it’s too easy to find all the relevant bits, and any answers they might provide. You might also stumble across answers with a web search, and more would be dissatisfied with their empty promises (bordering on if not actually being lies at this point).

In Discord, good luck finding anything that isn’t VERY current. So each question is either a whole fresh start, or ignored and just lost to history with only the affected being aware of what happened. It’s basically a (near) no consequence (poor) customer service medium. Just what they want and need to seem to be supporting with no real commitment they can be measured against.

Also, having worked in such arenas myself, and seeing it from the inside, I’m sure that’s why they don’t respond here. Too much risk of accidentally foreshadowing something, or committing to something they they can’t (or aren’t allowed to) follow through on. It’s like source control or a bug tracker, the history becomes immutable and inescapable. So, based on experience, I’m over 99% sure that upper management has forbidden participation here by anyone other than the approved muffled mouth pieces who basically don’t do anything more than current events.


Have to disagree with your opinion on this. There are game developers … not just community liaisons or mods … who regularly post here and take part in conversations and have pretty high post counts on the site. Devs do read the forums and interact here.

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Hmmm… so instead of investing their time in improving their product the dev’s are spending more and more time on mixer, discord and other ****.

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I just think that it is a sad day that in 2019 a AAA developer wants to interact with it’s community on a version of IRC. If you are too young to know what that is I guess you can Google it.


Oh, I totally agree with you on that! While I have little interest in the drag feature myself, it does baffle me why they threw it out there and then seemingly abandoned it. I do fear that the discord may eventually replace this forum, which would be detrimental, as here we can have a more pointed discussion as this without it going off topic.

The one thing about the discord though, you could either @ a T10 staff member about the drag feature (they’re listed in red on the right), or DM one of them directly about it. Not saying you’ll get an answer, but what have you got to lose?

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I suppose I should try one of those options. I certainly don’t think I have end all be all ideas or thoughts about drag racing or other features, but some sort of back and forth seems past due.

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Not past due “with me” lol. Just with this, the original forum community.