Disconnected from Server when trying to play League or Multiplayer. Just me or...?


Starting last night, I have been unable to join any League or Multiplayer game which is a major
drag as I was looking forward to the R Class Ghost League starting today.

It appears to be working properly, I get the Spinning Wheel of Death that we all stare at for
longer than we actually drive the cars…“Establishing Multiplayer Connection, Joining Lobby,
Establishing League Connection…” then it freezes on the final one with the wheel spinning
and after about 45 seconds I get the message “disconnected from lobby”.

This is happening to me in both League and basic multiplayer games so it appears that I
am somehow missing out on all the multiplayer functions.

I have tried both a soft boot and a hard boot of my machine (holding the White button down
on the console until it firmly shuts off…15 second, then disconnecting the power pack from
the wall until the light fades entirely, waiting 15 minutes, then connecting everything again
and restarting)…but not even a hard boot is fixing this.

And that is where I am in trouble because a hard boot has always worked to fix issues for me.

I know that other players can reach the R Class Ghost League because I CAN press Y and see
Leaderboards which show me gamertags along with points scored.

Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem and who should I contact? I had a nice
stable of R Class cars ready to go today :frowning: :frowning:


i wasn’t able to get on at all last night. multiplayer or leagues.

my hang-up spot was " connecting to game server".

yeah, i was ready for a little drinking and driving last night.

maybe today will be different.

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Well, not so far. The R Class Ghost League opened at 9am my time this morning and I am still
getting the same error. What is most frustrating to me is there really is not a “central issue reporting”
email or contact division for these games…you just have to hope a Mod or Someone in Power reads
your post on here and can help you out?

Where is the contact message section on the Xbox One for reporting problems like this? Do not bother
looking as it does not exist. I learned the hard boot trick a year ago from a guy playing Forza 5 and he
learned it from another guy, and then another guy…you get the picture. It really should not be up to
us to trouble shoot the game for them, post our problems on here, and HOPE we get some help.

Okay, I will compromise, I will keep trouble shooting the game by TRYING to play it but Turn 10
and MS Studios, you guys have got to come up with something better than the nonexistent
bug reporting system you are currently using.

We NEED a real space, separate from everything else, maybe just a permanent Sticky that says
Posts FM6 Issues here and we will address them ASAP, thank you!

And then you guys READ that sticky constantly and help people out.

Learning that a hard boot is needed to make certain updates work right from another PLAYER
who learned it from ANOTHER PLAYER and so on is really bush league.

I am not hating, just pointing out reality.

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Boy, I look dumb, the sticky is already there. Sorry! Feel free to move this to that thread Mr. Mod.

Sorry, my bad.

I wasn’t able to connect to multiplayer since the update but last night I was able to. I think(fingers are crossed) the issue may have been resolved if not at least addressed.

Have been being disconnected from multiplayer lobbies after about 4 or 5 races. Have been being disconnected from league play. After i spend time painting a car then try to join multiplayer lobby it will disconnect me from server. Unable to connect controller after I turn console off for awhile then come back to play game, my controller will not work until I restart the console. With these issues it is better to play Forza 5 which doesn’t have these issues

Guess it’s the weekend. .so getting to play online in leagues is gonna be like playing the slots at Vegas. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have better luck. Sad that the 360 works 10 times better than the One. Never had this issue on the old system. Oh well, here’s to hoping this gets sorted by Christmas…otherwise no reason to buy anymore xb1 games if online doesn’t work.

Yup, not a regular message board guy, but this situation is becoming increasingly frustrating. I was super excited to get in on the 70’s Gran Prix league and I can’t even get into the lobby. After it supposedly says that it establishes connection, finds host, etc… it freezes up until a “disconnected from server” message pops up. It just started doing this for me about a week ago. My first league was the A Ghost league a few weeks ago and I finished top 10. That was a lot of racing w/ no issues. I’ve checked my modem, my AirPort extreme base station, IPsec, etc, etc… Hard re-boots, you name it. [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] Come on Turn 10, I’ve been with Forza from the first game. Let’s get it together.