Disconnected at reward screen 3 times...

So, dispite online being hard already with that DUMB free roam rush stuff and people constantly sabotaging eachother, I tried to play so MP so It can go towards 100% the season. Except every time I get to the end JUST before the reward screen, disconnected. My net is good, my xbox is new. Why is this happening? Happened 3 times in a row. Wouldn’t matter so much if it was an individual race, but it’s like 5 races lost 3 times. Between this and all the crazy loading times I had to switch to Just Cause 4 so that I wouldn’t beam my controller through my TV. Nothing is more infuriating than to wait in all these loading times, to be smashed around by other players and still finish the races, but then to be screwed out of the progress by a error screen saying Disconnected. For a newer game, the loading times shouldn’t be this bad and as for the connection, I can play literally ANYTHING else online without lag or disco’s.

Might just give this game a well needed break. Any other good racing games that arnt Forza related? Have TC2 but it’s pretty meh at best.


They keep moving these too community support, it’s obvious they did this intentionally and are now stalling for time to wiggle their way out of it.
Reinstall, it’s an XBL issue, but the community is supposed to fix it lmfao.
Ok, my suggestion to fix the problem, walk away, take a week off. What how quickly that fixes the problem.
My next gaming budget dollars are going to Project Cars 2.
I would buy FH3 ( lost the disc in an apartment fire, should have went PS4 instead of Xbox One, had to replace my 360 as well ) again, but they have proven themselves unworthy of further income from me with this stunt.


The individual adventure didn’t work for me to get to level 3, I kept disconnecting after 5 races with no rewards or recognition in the level.

I used team adventure to get level 3 them started on the 10 ranked individual series to qualify. First 8 all worked, (40 races of misery) so just a couple to go.

Best not to mention broken controllers, locking 5 cars behind this isn’t in the least bit sporting.

Still this is the same company where they said on the monthly stream that the biggest surprise of blueprints was that people designed routes to maximise credits.

Just how disconnected can then be.

Soon drag will lock this thread referring you to the ANSWERED thread were Juice moronically told everyone just to reinstall the game to fix the problem and then marked it as answered as to not worry about it anymore. Carry on! Let’s just pretend nothing is happening!


Well I’ll just add my issues here even if it does get locked. Got into 3 free-for-all sessions, disconnected after the 5th race each time

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Same here. Played two playground games. i have to incrase my online advanture level to reacht the 100% summer challenge.
But always i finished the playground game (after 5th event), the game disconects (Errormessage: …disconnect). Then, i’m on freeroam an no points are counted… :frowning:

How can I reach 100 percent if I can not finish the necessary games? I WANT THE PORSCHE 914! Absolutely! I love the car like the 959 - i was sooooo happy, when i realized
that these cars are available in Forza Horizon 4


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received message xbox live issue is solved

Despite this message, the playground games still does not work.

and disconnected anyway, sounds bad!

Same issue after full reboot of the xbox, back in a FFAA and boom disconnected at the end of cs

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I can’t even GET online. Seems the server is down or something. Do you think they’ll extend the deadline for completion due to service outages? Hmmmmm nope. Tough titties, after all it’s not anyone’s fault that I can’t get online to complete the challenges brought about by the new update is it? It’s one giant clusterfart (because profanity is prohibited).

I think that to suggest the disconnect issue is intentional is going a bit far. Clearly this is a bug that slipped through QA. I am concerned that PG has not acknowledged the problem, as there are way too many complaints to explain as a handful of corrupted installs. And to suggest a full reinstall as a default solution, without any evidence that it would be effective, is really unprofessional. That is a 70+GB download. In the end, I think they should just spot everyone the points to fulfill this requirement for the season, if not the entire series. They can always put the requirement back once they have had a chance to fix it properly.

I agree, mistakes happen, whether this issue should have bee caught or not during testing is another issue, but the fact that they aren’t even acknowledging it and trying to palm us off with “solutions” that clearly aren’t the fix does really put you off buying any further from this team, if you’re working on a fix just say so and put your playerbase at ease, the fact that they aren’t saying anything makes me wonder if they even know how to fix it.

Seriously, just engage a little bit with your players.