Disc to digital

Hi all…I think I know the answer to this but before I make a mistake thought I would ask.

I’d like to move from disc to digital…I assume to do this I will firstly need to uninstall my existing disc copy to be able to make the transition and proceed with the download. I apprecite there are no guarantees but am right in assuming it should work ok as my current setup, cars, credits etc are cloud stored and will reload into the new digital copy via my gamer tag.

I did see some other threads that touched on this by making a search but it was’nt conclusive enough for me to just go ahead and do it so if anyone has already done it I’d appreciate hearing from you…thanks in advance.

I went from disc to digital and all my save data (cars, vinyls, tunes etc) were all still there so you will be fine.

Thanks ghosty, i thought that would be the case but good to have it confirmed.

This is right, once you click to start the game it will direct you to the store. It did redownload files for me anyway when I switched.

I’m assuming that if you already have the game installed from disc, what purchasing the digital copy does is (in theory) turning off the check for a game disc when you start up the game.

Thanks for all of your responses. What confused me was every time I went to the download store it only gave me the option to play where the price would normally be but I’ve realised that was because the disc was still in the xbone, after ejecting the disc it reverted to the price so I can now re-purchase as a downloaded copy without the need to un-install. Thanks again for the help and advice