Disc or digital?

With the release of the horizon demo you can clearly see what way game purchases are being pushed “imho”

Me personally will go the digital route, I’m not keen on having multiple games stored on racks or in cupboards, plus they damage, having all my future games on hard drive is a big plus, both my xbox one and ps4 games will now be digital, and yes I am over 30 lol. So what about you guy’s and girls?

I’ll buy a physical copy of FH2 for 4 reasons.

  1. I’m an old style gamer, I like having the good old cases/boxes
  2. It’s cheaper (58.5€ compared to 69.99€ from the Xbox store)
  3. I don’t need to download anything
  4. If, for some reason, I get bored I can sell it back to the store

Seeing as though the games are blu ray discs now, they are less likely to get damaged. I thought I’d be going more digital, but I still find myself wanting to buy the physical disc. That’s not saying I don’t like digital, I’m just stuck in the past personally and haven’t moved into the digital age yet. I’ll be getting the physical copy of FH2 because it is cheaper if you go that route. IMO, the Ultimate edition is priced $10 too high. They need to make it like $89 or even $79 to make it a great deal and for more people to buy digital.