Disappointing news: The AE86 and the Celica ST205 will not be in the Autoshow here in H5

I’m disappointed to see about this. I was waiting for H5 for the AE86 and the Celica ST205, but Playground decided to screw up again about this.


It’s not just the AE86; the RAESER Tachyon, Subaru 22B, Italdesign Zerouno, Jeep Gradiator, and many more models continue to be unavailable for purchase at the auto show.
It’s as if they copied and pasted the list of exclusive cars from FH4.


I know that. That’s disappointing also.


But it is confirmed to be in the Spring Festival Playlist so…?

I don’t think it’s screwing up, the game is based on race, and reward so you have to keep some rewards back.

Imagine having to race in a racing game to unlock cars… what were they thinking?!


Actually there is much more to this game than racing. This game can be enjoyed without ever taking part in a race…


Having a festival playlist day 1 is not a good ideea, at all, Basicly if you dont join the fun day 1 , you may not get the cars/rewards for some time. I would have waited for at least 1-2 months delay, say Jan 2022.


While I’m normally a defender of the playlist, putting so many high demand cars behind the playwall this early seems downright foolish, and a bit of a slap in the face. I mean it’s not post-launch content like the cars in 4 were when the playlist launched there. Maybe they are in wheelspins? Otherwise it not only seems unjustified, but it’s also a quick way to mess up the game’s early economy. There are going to be some HIGH prices on the auction house.


Locking cars behind time-limited events has always been garbage. Even moreso when they require participation in some terrible PvP nonsense.



I love racing, but I don’t like being forced to get X number of skills, win X number of races, and drive X number of miles in some car I don’t like or don’t have at the moment. In previous playlists in FH4, I’d have to buy some car I don’t care for and then complete all those tasks to progress on the playlist to get an exclusive car that I want.

After a while I just got a few cars I liked and drove those around and waited for whenever later an exclusive car I wanted was the reward for a single championship/simpler task than checking off all the playlist tasks.

On the surface it looks like we’re getting all this freedom all these new modes, Eliminator, Super 7, event lab, but if they are going to force me to play these modes I do not like to obtain cars that I like that are exclusive and unavailable anywhere else (we all know how hard it is to snipe in the auction house for super rare and high demand cars) then I am going to stop playing the game.


Perfectly stated!


The way I see it is that the more annoyed the players are for not having the cars available, the better the prizes are.

What makes it worse though is that by making these cars time exclusive again. It’s going to hurt everybody.

For a start it forces you to get the game straight away which some people might not be able to otherwise they miss out on content they paid for.

It also ruins the economy. A bunch of cars will have an obnoxious price on the auction house until the game does become EOL and as we’ve seen with Horizon 3. All the Forzathon cars that were added for “everyone” ended up exclusive and unfair for those who missed it.

Earning content by playing the game is reasonable so long as it’s outright. Making people play your game every week isn’t a way to make it better. Just annoy those who don’t have the money or time.


Time limited, exclusive content is so bloody annoying. I get it, the publishers want people actively playing the game so there’s a market to sell more stuff to. However, so many games are going this route it’s getting to the point now where realistically anyone with time restrictions can only play one game properly, if they’re lucky.

It’s actually a major turn off to almost everyone I speak to about modern gaming. I hated it Horizon 4, and it honestly sounds like Horizon 5, despite so many good things, is going to be just as frustrating. Horizon 4 was so annoying I haven’t preordered 5. At this rate it’ll be a deep sale that gets me into Horizon 5.

Make them timed exclusives for a month then add them to the autoshow. That way your hardcore players get their moment in the spotlight and those of us that can’t always get on for whatever reason we can pick the cars up as and when. Do that and I’ll buy the game at release.


Honestly it’s probably just gonna be a “beat this one race” reward a month down the line anyway, like most of the exclusive cars in Horizon 4. I don’t think you’ll have a hard time getting it.

As long as it’s there at my convenience, whenever I want to have a shot at that race, then fine. But it absolutely must become generally available and not locked within specific time windows. In three or four years time when I come back to the game and restart my save there needs to be ways of reliably getting any car in the game.


I think this is the best idea for both “player engagement” and player friendliness.
PG seems to like to make a big deal out of these “engagement” numbers, but if they continue to stick to these numbers and force us to continuously play certain modes and games, some of us will rather turn our minds away from those modes and games themselves.

As in other games, live service-style content should not be “punishing players for not playing”.
Each player has his or her own real-life reasons, and other games they want to play.
And PG should understand that players do not like to be forced to play games, even if they have the time to play and the skills to accomplish such events.
In fact, I’ve gotten all the exclusive cars in FH4 and have maintained a playlist achievement rate of over 80% month after month.
But it wasn’t fun at all, it was like a chore that just made every Thursday depressing.


I don’t think it’s the best idea… race reward is the best idea, but you could have race reward choices. So that a car becomes a choice from the point that it is introduced to the game… forever.

could be as easy as a barn find! just have to wait and see!