Disappointing communication

I am quite disappointed with PGG that there seems to be almost no respond to all the posted problems. Even on the EA forums, you get at least a little reaction inside threads. We did pay a lot of money to get early access with so many problems. Some can’t even play at all.


Well, my feedback below

From FH4 experience, communication with FH team based on official forum is ground level. Despite their recent efforts, moderators are certainly limited in their communication by NDA and the giant flood of issues.

While logging a ticket to FH support may result in a copy/paste msg followed by closure of your ticket regardless the issue is solved or not, your issue might be added to the current list of known issues…

One interesting place is therefore the known issues page https://support.forzamotorsport.net/hc/en-us/articles/4409616884883-FH5-Known-Issues

If your issue is not there, it is either because they did not receive enough ticket to consider it being an confirmed issue or because they don’t consider it as a bug/issue.

There is no priority set and you’d better not expect a global issue about complete deletion of a player profile will have priority over the color of wheel screws.

On FH4 known issues, you will note a “won’t fix” item. Depending on the case, they will put tickets in a similar block or just remove the entries they don’t care about regardless the impact.

I heard FH team preferred discord for “communicating” with players. Kind of weird to consider that a place where messages are visible from very few and gone in seconds is a better way to communicate than using the official forum.

FH dev team makes no magic, it has to go through the very same processes as any dev team meaning that all the problems needing developments will have to go through reproducing the issue, prioritization of issues, planning, development, integration, tests, release (more steps could be there)… don’t expect fixes in days, better consider weeks. Like for any application, fixes “just” requiring some infra or data update can be much quicker.

Long story short. log a ticket with maximum details and be patient with an eye on the known issue page.

[EDIT] As MM mentioned keep also an eye on pinned MM threads :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m here, I’m listening. Given the number of threads over the past three days, my approach to communicating is primarily the pinned messages at the top of the forum so the entire community can see them. Forza Support has been adding FAQs and posting updates at https://twitter.com/forza_support and at least one fix for the servers was addressed overnight this weekend (see your in-game messages). Submit those Tickets at Forza Support and we’ll get to the issues as soon as we can.


While less often, I’m still experiencing disconnects. It isn’t fun at all to play online right now. This is not for what I gave you 100 Euros.

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Thanks for the reply.

Hi ManteoMax we always can see your work here, THX!

Anyway first of all the game shows now XBOX Game Studios (Microsoft) so not PGG for me.

Game was 2 days “offline” nice launch
You can see tunes created xx.09.2021 in FH5 wich means someone was testing this stuff for months and didnt noticed all the … cmon

Thats bs! I can reproduce bugs i’ve reported 14.9.2020 for FH4. This means a) they dont care b) the dev never gets the bugreports from support c) they dont care d) its outsourced or they have no idea how to fix e) source is writeprotected

I have better examples how it can be.
Fortnite: 3 Bugs reported 2 days later all+more bugs fixed. Message to support 30min later working solution (no standard message) from support! Here it takes days until it shows closed!
ACC: Bugs reported. With update 1 Month later it was fixed.

As you mentioned, on FH4, the fact that someone reports a bug doesn’t mean it will reach dev team. I share that point of view with you, on FH4 very few things reached the dev team, and prioritization has been a disaster. Doesn’t mean it will be the same for FH5.

Team is not dealing with 2 or 3 or 10 bugs here but a hundred, that’s not the same deal. It would take anyone several days to review, document how to reproduce and prioritize these while you would like them to fix all in hours, just need to be realistic there.

Now concerning the fact to have so many bugs, I would say that it would not have been so much of a problem if they had been honest with players. They should have been transparent and sold a pre-release access announcing people going for it would contribute to reaching Gold state. For me, the issue is there, they sold an anticipate access to a game supposed to be fully GOLD which is, from the list of issues, a lie.

So imho, it’s not a support issue at the moment, it’s not a dev team issue at the moment, it’s the issue of that one guy announcing gold status.

I like to think they will fix most of the big issues in the coming weeks. MM looks involved on the subject so that I am starting to think things could go better than they did on FH4. I am very cautious on the words as others before him announced as super heroes and failed by large.


Personally, I have encountered very few bugs, beyond the server issue,Seasonal speed trap not registering and no FP from Arcade for the first 2 days…however, I haven’t really done a lot of things like Online etc so that may change.

However, I was expecting the game to be a lot worse than it is…asides from the above, my main complaint is the jarring effect of my car instantly stopping from 200mph, sometimes because the server disconnects, sometimes not.

But, anyway, I used to play Football Manager on PC and the Developer had a schedule of 3 Updates in the first 6 months because they knew that their game was going to be riddled with bugs…at a guess I’d say there were thousands of bugs, glitches and errors and we had to wait a month for a fix as they never veered from their update schedule. I am glad issues will be fixed slightly quicker than that (I am figuring a first bug fix will come on Wednesday with the Update for the first Official Seasonal Playlist)

I got a Ingame Issue and PGG says they can’t Help me and Closed my Ticket, i don’t get it. Now i can not login to Forza and Play it, and got no Help from Than, this is frustration.
And yes i have no Bans to my Name.

So you can’t even play? I can’t get passes the intro screen, resets and rebooting Xbox done nothing.