Disappearing road and pauses

When driving large sections of road flash in and out, the buildings, rocks, trees, racing line all remain but you can see right through the world. Coupled with this the cars pause at say 170mph for a few seconds and the re-start but at 0mph almost like hitting an invisible wall, this can sometimes only be my car or can be the npc cars too other times the npc’s will all be bunched up and stopped and i can sail right by. Any idea how i can sort this? I don’t want to buy this with these issues.


Same Proble here…

im having the same issue too, i try to lower the graphic settings but stills the same

I have the same problems on PC. My config
Intel i5-4430 @ 3.00GHz
GPU: EVGA GTX 1070 Black Edition
SSD Kingston SSD Now V300 120GB
WD Blue 1TB SATA III 6GB/s 7200 RPM
600W Corsair

Could it be a driver issue?
I haven’t updated to the latest Nvidia ones yet and I tell the game to ignore that they are older. I haven’t had this issue (yet). Maybe try rolling back one or two versions?

I dont think so, 'cause I played in the old driver version and the new one (399.24)

I’m having the same issue on a one month old Xbox One X. I’m leery of dropping $100 on a game just to have these issues.

This need to be fixed upon release date.

Also having this issue. This is basically my first PC game cause i usually play xbox and tried the play anywhere, but thats not fun with these problems.
Really hope this is getting fixed soon or there will be a solution on my side.

I have found a fix that works for me:

Lowering the FPS in-game is the only thing that helped me. Currently playing with 30 FPS and the problem is pretty much gone.

Benchmark set everything to High for me, but even changing it to minimum did nothing. With 30 FPS I can play on High settings now.


How can you play with 30 FPS? The 30 FPS limiter is broken for most people. If I try to force half refresh-rate adaptive VSYNC from NVIDIA control panel, it causes the game to crash after the first race (autumn) and doesn’t even fix the issue for me because it still happens despite a working 30 FPS cap before the crash.

I didn’t know it was broken for some people. I didn’t change any settings on my PC itself, just the FPS limiter ingame. I don’t know why it worked for me, but it did.
I was able to do the first few “introduction races” through the seasons, do a bit of exploring and do two street races before running out of time for the day.

it worked for me aswell when i changed it, but the next day even through it was still on same settings it got back to the missing road and pauses and now i cant fix it again.

If you are able to post a screenshot of your benchmark that would help greatly. Did this issue happen at a certain location or race within the demo and which car was you driving at the time?

This issue has been noted and is currently being investigated by the team.

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I have noticed tonight it has been much better, i then released i ran it from the windows start menu shortcut i closed the game and reloaded it from the xbox app within windows 10 and the problem showed up again. So a possible fix is to not use the Xbox app to launch the game i played for 2 hours without issue loaded it again on the Xbox app and the issue showed up right away.

Please find attached benchmark screenshot

Well, as I can see on the screenshot the game uses 6,71GB of your 8GB VRAM, same happens with my 4GB VRAM it only uses 3,34GB. Also, same issue with the loading textures. IDK people what is this… :confused:

A patch for the demo just got released and improved the asset loading issue a lot for me but it still happens. The 30 FPS cap and crashes are now fixed so the game is playable and I don’t have this asset loading issue with the FPS cap in place.

When I cap the fps to 60 its still loading vegetation textures. I don’t think 30fps is good, well you can get used to it but I really don’t wanna play the final version with 30fps.

I’ve been experiancing the same issue too. It mainly happens when I get to the last part of the first event (The one with all the seasons, specifically the summer section), there are a few areas which never load in time for me to not get stuck. I’ve noticed that when using a maxed out senna, and going at about 200+ mph, the issue had come back, and again, the car randomly gets stuck and goes back to 0 mph. Right now this issue isn’t much of a problem, thanks to rewinding, but I can’t play the game when I need to rewind every 5 sec. When using an s2+ car.

hey guys, just to notify that after the 300mb update the problem of render and invisible walls disapear.

Thanks for the help