Dirty leaderboard laps

Ok again I am confused. I just ran Daytona tri-oval for 10 laps in career mode. on the 3rd lap I may have dipped under the yellow lines infield and on the 10th lap I tagged the wall , not even hard enough to slow me down. So that’s 8 clean laps i ran I never hit another car, best lap time was 45:884. I know it is not the best time but it was clean lap. So why is it dirty lap time on leader boards?

I have notice this many times I do clean laps in a race and still end up dirty on the leader board. I even ran solo in free play where I hit absolutely no one and ran like 8 clean laps but yet still when I check it is a dirty time.

Is anyone else getting this?

Come on turn 10, this nuts.

Indeed, this has a possibility to be fixed in the future, but as of now I think that Turn 10 is working on releasing car packs. Tbh, actually idk what’s going on in those offices because just yesterday there was a 100 MB Update for one car. Hopefully, everyone can be happy with the game at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

What Mods do you have activated?

Using vurtually any mod or dare, whether they affect performance or not, will give you a dirty lap.

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I don’t know, funny, I had an issue with my A-class lap there too last night. I ran a 41.502(i think) clean, but when I looked at my leaderboard time it still had my dirty lap that i had posted a while ago(41.98something)…I’m not complaining or anything, I just find it odd. Maybe it takes a little longer for the server(s) to update or something? like i said, I just don’t know.

Maybe you were using mods? Mod’s or dares don’t allow your time to be recorded

Mine was in a public lobby

Frustrating that using XP boost mods dirties your laps.

Nope. I’ve been getting clean laps in career with credit, affinity, and xp boost mods. I guess those were fixed.

Was that fixed recently? I guess I quit looking at leaderboards after career races because it was just depressing to have a decent time you knew was clean only to look and see it got labeled as drity.

It was changed late last year.

Doesn’t drafting dirty your time?

If you get in any car’s draft at all or if any car gets in your draft, it’ll cause a dirty lap. Also, if you hit anything, go off track, draft or get drafted in the last section of a lap, the next lap will also be dirtied. And finally, rewind and some Mods will dirty a lap.

I haven’t seen any issue with the “dirty lap” tracking, its always worked as design for me; it’s just really strict (which is probably a good thing).

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Also, doing something to dirty a lap in the last sector automatically dirtiest the next lap, except for rewinding in the last sector.

Turn 10 has fixed the issue of Non-performance Mods causing a dirty lap. Any performance mod will dirty your lap. It took several content updates to fix this issue, Finally.

There is a huge problem in Career mode with the Dirty Lap Indicator. It doesn’t work in Career races. It is off for some reason and the only way to tell if you had dirty laps is at the end of the race when your fastest time is shown. Forza 6 has a great driving feel and the cars handle good for the most part but the little things over looked are not getting fixed.

I have reported many small issues with the game but they are not DLC related so they go on the back burner.

They need to fix the dirty lap indicator in Career Mode. Add more options in free play and many other little things that could make the game 100% better.


Its a bit odd to me that the features that are missing are so incredibly minor to implement and they haven’t added them back. The big stuff they have absolutely nailed, but the details fall a bit short in some obvious areas.

I almost wonder if they are holding back so they have improvements when FM7 comes out. Not complaining though, I’ve gotten my money’s worth and then some from FM6.

So is it true that the Dirty Lap Indicator just plain doesn’t display in Career races during the race? You can only see your best dirty or clean lap time after the race?

If so, thanks very much for this explanation. I’ve been wondering since release what was going on with the dirty lap indicator not displaying in career and logged onto the forums today specifically to try and find an answer to this question. When playing career there are those times when I may have the difficulty setting too low and you end up way ahead of the field and it was always nice in FM5 that at least I had the option to “race the track” and attempt to get a good clean lap time. I can still do so now I guess, but not having the indicator is a big omission.

Any word from Turn 10 as to whether this is something that may be “fixed”?

I didn’t read all the replies so I’m not sure if anyone has answered your question yet, but you CANNOT run LB times in free play or career mode. They will not upload clean to the LB whether or not you are using mods. LB times can be put down in Rivals, multiplayer lobbies, or private online lobbies.

Not true…
RPM Swerve said it a few posts before yours
If the lap is actually clean it will record it
Ive been doing it all week using xp and credit mods only
Im not quick but they have been recorded clean
Just dont use certain mods and they will record if clean
The only problem is the missing dirty lap indicator
You might have a dirty lap due to being drafted and not know

My leaderboard times are almost all achieved in free play.
Although Actually I remember chasing your ghost in FM 5 at Bathurst in a V8 supercar in rivals Levi. :slight_smile:

It’s almost impossible to have a clean lap in career. If you are in the slipstream of another car or another car is in your slipstream the lap is considered dirty. If you use certain mods your lap is dirty. You may think your lap is clean but it only is clean when there is no exclamation mark after the race at the standings screen. Care to take some screenshots of a clean lap you have that then doesn’t show in the leaderboards?

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first off thanks guys for taking the time to answer me, appreciated :). Well today I ran again 10 laps free play same car same track. no mods and no other cars on track. Surprise Surprise, Ran a clean 45:133. I know still a good number of seconds behind LB top spot,( like 12 seconds lol ) but that brought me from 56% on LB down to top 5%, went from like 132k down to 6343. a lot better.

As to the mods thing that was just rude, that is like your parents giving you a toy to play with, but when you do they take away your cookies, because you played with the new toy. Kinda blows chunks really. Why not put a disclaimer on them. like Using mods dirties your lap. I would not have used them.

Now to the drafting. that is just wrong on so many levels. I mean what race series in the world penalizes a driver for drafting, or being drafted? Further T10 gives you bonuses and achievements for perfect drafts, huh??? I hated this in FM3 and 4, and thought by now they would have taken that out.

I am pretty sure I have seen the dirty lap indicator in career though, but it has to be a very bad hit on a wall or other car. but will test that later to make sure I am not wrong.

Again thanks this has cleared up a lot of my questions.