dirty laptimes when using pits on Rd Atlanta

If you use the pits on Road Atlanta the game marks this as a dirty lap with some of the cars. It’s especially annoying when using the ‘stay on track for race’ mod because you won’t get any credits for using this mod that way in longer races. I’ve tried multiple cars, with some you can use the pits and the lap stays clean, using other cars will make your lap dirty.
I think it has to do with the bump at the end of the pits and the ride hight of your car. With one of my tunes on my #16 Mazda B09/86 the lap gets dirty, while with a different tune it stays clean.

I have the Xbox version.

Dont use that mod when doing a race that uses the pits
This has been brought up before on other tracks as well
Using the pits is going off the track

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Do you know which other tracks?

not sure, have you tried any that don’t dirty when pitting
your best off just not using those mods if you do a race that requires pitting, just put the settings to off so you don’t need to pit since there is no credits increase by having it enabled

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I’ve tried different cars on rd Atlanta and tried different tracks.
When using some of the cars it will dirty the lap on rd Atlanta, while using other cars will not dirty your laptime.
No problems when pitting on Sebring, Spa, Silverstone, 1 or 2 of the ovals.

That’s a no-brainer now I know it.

I rather get 0 credits then turning it off.