Dirty lap times

As of late, when i get one dirty lap in a multi lap race every lap after is also dirtied. Im using no assists except traction control, im not having contact with other cars and im not driving in their slipstream. Im not using rewind and at no time the exclamation mark is blinking, so im not leaving the track limts and im not bumping into a wall or something. I think there is something wrong with resetting the dirty lap marker. Anyone else having this problem ?

It also dirties your lap if other cars are in your slipstream and if the last section of your previous lap was dirty.


I knew about the last sector, that was not the issue, but drivatars in my slipstream dirtying the lap is new information for me. That’s kinda stupid, since i don’t have any way of preventing that. Am i supposed to drive bad lines to keep ai out of my slipstream? But it makes sense now. Its occurring since i changed difficulty level from 60+ to 80+, apparantly on the higher level ai uses slipstream more efficient and they are glued to my tail.

Thanks for the information

If you want to set lap times then in free play or private multiplayer you can set collisions to off, that way there is no slip stream and laps will not be dirtied by other cars.


i have different way of dirty lapping, as soon as i cross the line after doing a dirty lap and there is no other cars in front of me game auto dirts my new lap, sometimes i have do another or even two extra laps to able to do a clean lap, even though i never went of the track or bump in to anything
i believe this issue existed since forza 4 and they never fixed it, at least that’s how far i can remember, but this can become really annoying

Read the posts before yours about the cars behind in your slip stream

Cars in back of you can also dirty your lap

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Turn off friction assist if you have that on
It automatically dirties the lap

If that is directed towards me, im not using that. Im fairly certain Braindead´s answer was the right explanation to why my laps get dirtied. Thank you all for answering

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