Dirty lap right from the start and every lap?

Currently running Daytona tri-oval in free play. No mods, every race starts 3…2…1 and dirty lap symbol. I finish the lap and stay on the track 100% and cross line gives me a dirty lap to start again, this is in races when I have been 2/3k foot ahead of the opposition so no drafting as well as on races with 0 other cars on the track. Dirty right from the start.

Anyone have any idea what could be going on? Driving me crazy. I can’t get a clean lap.

Also car class is set to NASCAR, using my own custom tune. I had thought it might be a gear box issue with not shifting quick enough and doing damage to the engine but it does it when on automatic transmission too. :confused:

It’s the Friction Assist you have to turn off.

It automatically dirties the laps.

Assists set to Super Easy or Friction Assist On.

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It was friction assist, didn’t even realize it was on. Clean lap has put me 59th in Europe and 211 in the world

Many thanks :smiley:

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