Dirt VS. Street

After being mostly disappointed bye the reveal of FH5’s location and trailer, I’m trying to look at things from a positive perspective and hoping that besides the showcase of almost an entirely dirt map, most of the roads will actually be on the street.

What are your thoughts on how many dirt vs street roads there will be?

What do you prefer more?

Would you want any other location other than Mexico?

Im curious what the community thinks. It saddens me that this game seems to be starting to cross over to a rally game.

i believe it will be like every other horizon game except the first one. most of the roads will be paved with about 20-25% being dirt. I don’t mind racing on either type, the only type of race i dont like is cross country, only because the AI doesnt seem to be affected by the terrain

as far as other locations, I would love to have one set in the middle east. It’s a beautiful landscape and if you take the politics out of the area, would be an awesome location for racing.

Yeah, the cross countries are my least favorite as well.

Id love to see something like the middle east in a future Horizon, thats thinkin outside the box!!

On previous releases like FH3 & FH4, dirt races were only partially dirt or very partially dirt. I would be surprised they push the cursor here even if it was a matter of complain on the official forum and even if they possibly did, I would expect only to have dirt races being actual 100% dirt, even that would be an improvement.
That said, they could have added some dirt on road races and that, I agree, would be a negative point.

It hasn’t looked remarkably different to me, road-type-wise, from the last two.

And I thought Mexico was an odd choice. There are other locations I would have preferred, but what I’ve seen so far looks good and I’m definitely down for this Mexican adventure.

The map is out already, showing all the roads, including which ones are dirt and which ones are tarmac. I have a tough time imagining anyone will be disappointed with the amount of tarmac in the game. So far most of the gameplay they’ve shown has been in the desert biomes, which are more focused on cross country. The largest biome in the game is the farmland biome, and it’s mostly tarmac roads.

There are so many tarmac roads I’m actually more concerned about the number of dirt roads.

Edit: I’m also glad for the Mexican setting since they insist on forcing this always online environment on us where the seasons are forced on us. At least snow and ice will still be a choice in Mexico. The worst part about that in 4 was that I actually like tackling snow and ice, but winter in 4 was such a terrible compromise. Not only was it forced on us, making me hate it (since I couldn’t escape it), it also was way to tame for the times I actually did want to tackle it. In Mexico, “winter” means only the top of the volcano has snow, and it’s the dry season everywhere else. Weather still seems a little tame for my tastes on top of the volcano, but hey, at least it’s not forced on me and I have the option to escape it.

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I love the Mexico setting with the painted houses. Of course you are going to look for the Travel Boards to collect on the map, you will spend many early days in the desert.

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I don’t get where you’re coming up with the game ‘crossing over to a rally game’. Obviously we can’t experience it for ourselves yet, but the devs have already told us that the ratio between dirt courses and tarmac roads is basically the same for Horizon 5 as it was for Horizon 4.


Looking at most posts above, it appears not many of you know anything about Forza Horizon 5.

The posts seem fine.


I stand correct.

I’m really undecided on whether or not Ill end up getting FH5 or not. After hearing from you guys, I’m leaning towards getting it… I tend to gravitate to street events more often than anything else and just didnt want to be disappointed by a lack of content in that area.

For the same price as the full game you can actually find 1 year of game pass on some websites, I would recommend getting that instead as fh5 will be included there along side other games.

They’ve already confirmed on-stream that the ratio of paved roads to dirt roads will be comparable to past games in the series, and with the increase of map size, there will be more of both.

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I much prefer tarmac as does everyone I know who plays forza. In fact I spend 95% of my time on the road. one thing that really worries me is the fact that the new online adventure forces you into a playlist of all surface types, removing our option to choose.

I’d rather the game be set in Japan, but Mexico looks amazing too.

Has a map detailing routes even been released yet? Without knowing the path event routes take, it’s impossible to speculate the dirt/road surface ratio of “Dirt” events. They should have just left it as “Mixed Surface” like it was in H3, imo.

And I may be mistaken, but didn’t they (the devs) already disclose their criterion for future game locations recently? I seem to recall hearing/reading that they did just that on a stream or perhaps a tweet; whatever it was left me with the impression that what they supposedly are prioritizing for consideration I thought eliminated Japan as a candidate (or at least Tokyo). I may have dreamed all that up, however.

If the trend the last few games have taken are any reliable indication, I think we’ll see Vietnam or India get highlighted first as a location should the series swing through Asia (and fwiw, my Middle Eastern bet would be for Lebanon, or possibly Turkey, though I’d rather North Africa as a region get the exposure first).

As I already mentioned before in this thread, the full map has already been revealed, including a breakdown of surface type. It was first revealed on stream and released concurrently on twitter, but a simple google search is enough to find it today. Several websites have reposted it in articles, including this one: Forza Horizon 5 map: Size, location, full map, and more | Windows Central

While I don’t recall anything about specific about the PGG formula, I would agree that Tokyo is highly unlikely to ever be a location due to Mike Brown’s stated hatred of heavy urban settings and spoken desire to stay away from capitols.

Ohh, ohhh, …a simple Google search, huh?


This was not helpful.
Spoiler alert: Yeah, I did that already. It was actually the very first thing I did, however, none of the image searches I ran yielded the answer to my clear and pointed, rather specific inquiry, which I already mentioned in the thread. So rather than typing it all out a second time, I’ll just copy/paste the relevant part again:

I’m not asking about the complete map already released detailing surface types, I’m asking …whether a map…with an overlay of the event routes…and the paths they take…has been made available as I’m sure you’re already aware and cognizant of the fact that event routes, specifically and notoriously the “Dirt” event routes, may traverse and consist of various surface types. This was alluded to in the following statement which I already mentioned in the thread, but will repeat again:

The first “it” referring to the surface type called “Dirt,” and “Mixed Surface,” the name of the same surface type in Horizon 3 before being changed to “Dirt” (in name only), signals to the player the event actually consists of various surface types. For example, Horizon 4’s Dirt Series event “Cotswold Road Rally Trail” is only 33% dirt; the remaining 67% (specially the event’s first 41% and final 26%) is road.

And to bring it all full circle, the reason I was asking whether such a map with an overlay detailing event routes had been released (I had already done a search for myself though was/still is unable to find one detailing event routes, not just road surface types exclusively) and much of the commentary already provided made claims speaking to a level of assurance/authority/confidence one would reserve for actually having seen the data rather than taking another’s word for, developer or otherwise. I’m not saying anyone was outwardly wrong or misleading, rather just missing the mark a bit, which is why I tried politely asking, delivering as a question as opposed to something more assertive in nature likely to get taken the wrong way. Do you understand now?

That all said, I will add I throughly agree with and appreciate your weather edit; I actually have a number of supportive points for specifics mentioned I don’t normally see others make, but I’m exhausted from all this hunt-and-pecking the Edge display with a controller (ugh), so another time, perhaps. :yawning_face::sleeping:

Mike did speak at length on one of the first streams about the reasoning behind the setting choices of the games. Diversity of geography was one of the prime factors considered as being able to provide multiple types of landscapes and biomes for various types of driving disciplines is one the main goals when developing a new Horizon game.

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Thank you, that was helpful.