Dirt racing

I really think your team should make a dirt racing game with like sprint cars, late models and other classes of dirt racing, there’s not many dirt racing games out there for these forms of motorsport with real world physics for consoles i think it would be a big hit

rally gets spammed in horizon. go play that instead lol.


I agree and hope it’s on the way. New Dirt 5 is fine until then.

No, Horizon is same tech as Motorsport and motorsport doesn’t have dirt physics.

Nor should it

Gran Turismo has is for long time and it’s very good. Competition should have it too. It will be big fight I hope.

No it is not. I watched dedicated rally youtubers and they just couldn’t shut up what the pile of crap it is. Want rally, go buy Dirt Rally 2.0. It has correct physics on any surface, rally cars and LOADS of very long rally stages.

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Idk why people here are disagreeing with you. T10 likes to add SUVs, buggies, and rally cars in Motorsport. Might as well make use of them.

Besides, it’s a motorsport game. Professional off-road racing is still motorsport.

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The people who are anti-rally really puzzle me. Adding rally and dirt racing would bring a lot of purpose to a good portion of the car roster. Also, dare I mention it, Gran Turismo has incorporated rally since its first sequel. The fact that it has taken Turn 10 this long, and even longer, to incorporate any form of rallying is astounding.

yes and abandon off road stuff in the FM series. that would give us a new game and improve FM

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Nothing about the name ‘Forza Motorsport’ implies dirt racing can’t be added, so long as it stays authentic motorsport. Dirt ovals, rallycross, frozen lake/ice circuit, and maybe a stadium truck course or two would make for great ways to make use of the 4x4s and other offroaders/rally cars in a realistic way rather than having us race trophy trucks at the nurburgring (regardless of how entertaining that is).

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Good call. And the people who equate this type of racing with rally racing and off road racing have just never taken a lap on a good clay track. Which when properly run in and maintained is every bit as sticky and fast as any asphalt track. And if you run in the grove it’s almost as abrasive to the tires. But I’m not sure if the kids programming these games could ever get the physics right. All we’d every get would be a modified “rally” track.

this game better have rallycross or i’m not buying it… if you don’t have any form of dirt racing you have no business calling the game motorsport.

T10 should do a research for dirt-racing. Even real-life NASCAR has a dirt oval race in form of Bristol.