Direct Drive (OSW) wheel, no FFB

Same problem as in FM7, you can map wheel and pedals but there is no force feedback.

Seems like no official word on this. Emuwheel doesn’t work either.
Will cancel my preorder until (if) this clears up.

Wow that is unfortunate. I have a Bodnar wheel so I was hoping I’d be able to use it directly without EmuWheel or GIMX. Fortunately GIMX emulates a G27 so I guess I’ll try playing the game with my Bodnar using that instead.

Hopefully one day a team as big as forza can get it supported. Or at least make it so emuwheel can work, telemetry output like FH7 would be pretty damn good.

Same problem here with my Accuforce V1 Direct Drive wheel, there is no FFB. I also am having a devil of a time getting it to map controls. For example, even though I appear to be properly mapping the Steer Left and Steer Right, when I am in game, when I steer left, the car and wheel go right.

Forza 7, however, works fine with my Accuforce, whether I run the SC4 profile or not.

Moreover, using GIMX and its G27 emulation, I was able to use my Accuforce in the Forza Horizon 4 demo just fine.

Hey. I have the Accuforce Pro V2 and got it mapped correctly but it feels a bit loose and the steering feels a little off. Does it not work correctly when in 3rd person? Because when I’m in 1st person, it feels like it drives fine.

Also, whats this GIMX? I’ve never heard of it.