[DINI] Jureidini's Shared Tunes - 11/28 ! Viper Grip Pack!

I Played the original FM, but fell in love with the Tuning Marketplace as a community in FM2 and user created DLC. By the end of FM3 I got a shot from the amazing ABGRAPHICS to tune 2 Fiestas for him, these ended up owning a few top 10s among 10s of thousands of LB times.

I joined APEX for FM4 (my favourite Forza) and learned a lot about painting. Starting well with the Minky Mazda release with H3rtz D0nut seeing #1s without swaps, continued with tunes for T10 gift releases and a Storefront tune that held most of the top 5 of the Hyundai Veloster competition. FM5 came and was disappointing to many of us,…however we snuck out a few good cars and paints.
I have Made for Mech, I have made for the VIPs. Won some Tuner challenges, won some Hot Lap Challenges. Had some tunes reviewed, had some featured by T10/FM.net. Tuned for drift, oval, hill climb/P2P, circuit and of course drove it all.

Its been a good time, thanks Tuning/Painting Marketplace, T10 and all the above.

I am not sure the use this topic will have, but will put it out there as a simple list for anybody that may try and like any of the uploads to keep track and share your thoughts. I am however realistic that with the current sharefront being the worse it has ever been, I will get less traction than in Winter time.

__*__I eat, breathe and sleep the automotive world and motorsport. as such I find the style/passion in FH to be important and most of my setups will be what I enjoy. I Recognize that many engine/AWD swaps & Aero are superior in many cases, but there are plenty better tuners and teams to handle it sometimes.

“Here is tune list, I know what I am doing/copying so go download now” :):slight_smile: Jk
Maybe we will have an active Tuner Marketplace with data, laps and challenges like the old days? Till then, I will leave these here:

Search: DINI -Shared Tunes- Search: DINI


Dodge Viper ACR 16 - Grip

Aston Martin Vantage GT12 - No Aero Medium grip

Aston Martin Vantage 2018 - No Aero Medium Grip
BMW I8 Roadster S85 - Speed
BMW I8 S65 - Medium Grip
BMW M4 GTS - Grip

Dodge Viper ACR 08 - Full grip
Dodge Viper ACR 08 - Medium track Grip
Dodge Viper ACR 16 - RWD Grip, purist build for fun.
Lamborghini Huracan 2014 - No Aero *Homage to the FH3 FE (beautifully painted stripes available :wink: )
Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante 2012 - Medium grip
Lamborghini Gallardo Performante 2011 - Grip

BMW M1 1981 - Stock exterior *Novice skill required
BMW M2 2016 - ///M Aero
Datsun 510 - Widebody

Dodge Viper ACR 1999 - Grip
Dodge Viper ACR 1999 - No Aero SPEED tune, only for the experts!!!

Eagle Speedster 2012 - Stock Exterior
Ferrari F355 1994 - Full Aero *F1 Challenge homage
Ferrari 360 CS 2003 - Stock Exterior
Ford Focus R.S. 2017
Honda Civic R 2017 FK8 - No ugly wing
Honda NSX-R 1991 - No Aero
Honda S2000 - No Forza Aero *Great to drive
Hotwheels Boneshaker - RWD accelerator
Lamborghini Countach - Stock exterior *Ultra stable top end machine

Lotus 240R - Stock Exterior Grip
Lotus Exige S 2012 - No Aero Medium Grip
Nissan Skyline GTR32 1993 - Widebody Grip
Porsche 911 3.3 1982 930 - Widebody

Porsche Cayman GTS 2015 - Stock Exterior
Renault Clio FE - Grip. ReTweak of the standard model
Subaru Impreza 2005 - Full Aero grip
Subaru Impreza 1998 22B - No Aero Lobby
Volkswagen Beetle 1963 - AWD/Engine Swap. Cult Car
Volkswagen Golf R - Widebody/ No Big wing

-[ B ]-
Audi Sport Quattro 1983 - Sport Aero *Mixed surface build for Dirt/Offroad & Sprint
BMW M3 1991 E30 - Circuit /w Evo II aero
Datsun 510 - Widebody
Ford Capri 1973 - Ford Aero all rounder
Honda Civic R 1999 EK9 - No ugly wing
Honda S2000 - No Forza Aero
Nissan Skyline GTR32 1993 - Stock Exterior
Subaru Impreza 2005 GD - Stock Exterior
Volkswagen Corrado 1995 - No Aero

Honda Civic R 1999 EK9 - Stock Exterior
Mazda Miata 1994 - Grip

Mazda Miata 1994 - Stock Exterior


Nissan Silvia 1994 S54 - Culture:Japan MidSpeed Drift Zone
Nissan 350Z 2003 - Power Ranger Mid-High Speed Drift Zone

[Off-Road & All Rounders]
Hyundai Veloster N - A800 - Dirt/Trails
Subaru Impreza 2005 - A800 - WRC Rally look, Dirt/Offroad
Subaru Impreza 2008 - A800 - Dirt/Winter
Audi Sport Quattro - B700 - Mixed Surface All Rounder

Search: DINI Search: DINI Search: DINI Search: DINI Search: DINI Search: DINI**

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APEX HD/DINI Minky Mazda 2
APEX DINI/HD Minky Mazda 2

APEX AA/DINI Veloster Comp
APEX AA/DINI Veloster Comp

APEX BR/DINI Limpex E92 M3

APEX DINI/Sean0 Gertrag M635

APEX DINI/Surf Triple J Miatas

APEX DINI Simpson Auto Swift WRC
Swift WRC

APEX DINI 787B FM Stealth (the original)

APEX HD/DINI Looney Toons Oval Chevy

DINI Made for Mech
Made for Mech

APEX HD/DINI Maple Valley TVR Speed 12 VIP reward

All for fun:
DINI 215 Drift

Eye candy is better than text right?

*Reserved #2

Ooh Dini tunes again, sweet!


Thanks for the support always AB!
Hope you get use out of some of the tunes and let me know if you need any specific ones :wink:

I had been working on a a Ford Capri and it came in handy for Forzathon, made a couple changes for speed so the traps are easier for newbs. Surprisingly usable in lobby events too. Available in Hub.
The hotwheels is odd, usually not my style but its quite unique so working on it now.

New Upload 11/1
>>Ford Capri RS3100 1973. B700 Sprint/Circuit. Ford Aero
>>Hotwheels Boneshaker A800. Still RWD accel monster!

great to see you back at it again Dini

I told Smithers to clear my schedule, I have to try all of these

Haha thanks Blue, let me know what you think. Guys go check out some of BRs work here, some pretty unique work going on there: BlueReapers

Been working on a bunch of S1 class stuff seeing what I like…will get them up over the next few days. However in the meantime I uploaded my No Aero lobby tune for the Aston Autumn Forzathon.
Aston Martin Vantage GT12

Hey guys, new in the Hub. The Viper Pack:

New Upload 11/7
>>99 Viper ACR - A800 - No Aero SPEED tune, only for the experts!!!
>>08 Viper ACR - S998 - Medium Track tune. Easy OP
>>16 Viper ACR - S998 - RWD Grip, purist build for fun.

Ok guys Rally Mini Pack coming in hot for the Winter season:
One is a Veloster aimed at smashing the wall riding Raptors in this Seasons Veloster Raptor event, and the other is a very special Subaru sent over by my friend BlueReaper to get the rally/winter treatment. Both available now, search [DINI]
[A800] Hyundai Veloster N
Rally tune meant for the Veloster Raptor event. A surprise contender at all Scrambles.

[A800] Subaru Impreza WRX STI 2008
Rally tune to go along with BlueReapers livery. Works well on on most Dirt Racing Series and Winter.

Also check out BlueReapers
for this picture perfect race paint on the Scooby.


Was testing several of these tunings over the last days and they made some cars enjoyable without V12 AWD BigWing everything. Thanks for sharing your tunes!

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i guess you really dont like wings.

anyway that Veloster tune is sweet as butter. got me painting again.

Or is it smooth as butter.
Anyway its quick nimble and buttery


Thanks Ele, my take on it is that I need to like the car first and foremost both in terms of looks and drivability before I worry about lap times…this is Horizon after all. No spiritless copy+paste “tuning” here, we got enough of that all over the place. You have some great paints and have fit right in with the regulars so far, so if the tunes work while you are showing off the paints that works for me too!!

Blue…I have no idea what kinda sweet butter you been eating but I need some haha!
I am very glad to hear that the Veloster rally tune ended up serving you well after the event and is inspiring a paint, no doubt you will get us a nice one. I always had a soft spot for the Velosters both as an interesting car and what it represented achieved for both myself and crazy Armipotent Adam in separate ways.
I just hope that your livery has butter in there so far, are you getting sponsored by a butter company btw?!?! lol

Let me introduce the Bimmer Bros, x3 S1 Bavarian beasts roaming the streets and built with the engines from all the M3/M5 not being used in FH4!!!

BMW I8 Roadster S85 - Speed
Manageable screaming speed demon that can be run on long Sprints, Colossus or the popular Highway customs.
BMW I8 S65 - Medium track Grip
Exciting to drive and beautifully noisy… better looking with race aero. *The Ultimate Driving Machine
BMW M4 GTS - Grip
An easy to drive grip machine, usable anywhere anytime. Plenty snap, crackle and pop effects to impress the 14 year olds.

Three really great machines here, hope some of you give it a try.

Hey guys/gals, coming at you sideways with a Drift pack Duo!
Two RWD Inline-6 Turbo equipped Nissans with artwork provided by my buddies BlueReaper & S00PVFLY213 ready for the DRIFT EXPERTS to 3* some zones.
Note *These tunes are ONLY for producing tyre smoke and scoring drift points/skills

1994 Nissan Silvia !DRIFT!
Mid Speed drift zone setup with the beautiful T10 Weekly winning Culture-Japan livery by BlueReaper

BR-DINI Culture-Japan S14

2003 Nissan 350Z !DRIFT!
Mid-High speed drift zone setup. Savage widebody dressed in a Power Ranger paint by S00PVFLY213

Search [DINI],
& S00P for the files, give a download and like to get some *** :slight_smile:
Also check out those 2 Maestros galleries here:
[APEX-BR]BlueReapers (paints) Accidents

S00P - S00PVFLY213 Paint Booth

It’s been a couple days since i started to use i8 tune, and i have to say: it’s really great! Realy fun to drive car. And of course, thanks for that 350z tune, it’s realy awesome too

Thanks S00P, glad you liking that I8. I do not like them IRL so made 2 of my dream versions in FH, and I believe they are both underrated for what they are.
Glad you take pics of your paints because I took a couple but they simply do not do them justice!

Well racers, Summer is here again and its time to break out the fast stuff. In honour of the 1st Pilgrims arriving to what would become the U.S.A.,
Lets give thanks and enjoy some awesome British Sportscars and SuperGT:

2018 Aston Martin Vantage: S900 No Aero Medium Grip
Gorgeous to look at and listen to, this car in a no aero package will surprise with great manners and good top end.

2012 Lotus Exige S: A800 No Aero Medium Grip
A good all rounder for small-medium tracks and sprints. Also looks like the perfect daily/track day drivers dream

2000 Lotus 240R: A800 Stock Exterior Grip
Comes standard as mini track dominator, this one has been given more priority to smaller tracks with a little extra ooomph.

Eagle Speedster: A800 Stock Exterior
Not a Jag, but looks like a Jag and thats not a bad thing so I left it that way. Fun and easy to handle on medium size tracks.

2015 Porsche Cayman GTS: A800 Stock Exterior
Stock looks to go along with a nearly stock build. This is an easy and affordable allrounder for beginners and capable for faster lobby racers.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend food and the fantasy Summer events :slight_smile:

Hey racers, part 2 of my Viper pack ready focusing on grip across A/S1/S2, if you like some O to go with your P hery you go. Viper GRIP Pack:

2016 Viper ACR S2-998
2008 Viper ACR S1-900
1998 Viper ACR A-800:

All are full aero high downforce grip racers, the 1998 works exceptionally well on medium tracks as well.

Don’t forget to search: DINI

I love your tunes. Thanks for the shopping list.