Dim Mode

Got an odd question but not sure where to post this thread.

When you are watching either the replay mode or just want to watch your car in the showcase room a long period of time, the game would go into the Dim Mode. Everything is really dark to see in the Dim Mode, anyone know a way to turn Off the dim mode so you watch the game stay on forever?

I believe that’s something that can be changed in the actual settings of the console, display if I recall correctly.

I just went into the settings of the console and did not find anything about turning off dim mode. Maybe there is not a way to do it. Not a big deal, I just have to click a button on the wireless controller and the dim mode is gone.

Just move the joystick.

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It does this to prevent burn-in of the images on your TV, a screensaver of sorts.

Same concept as a computer monitor going into power save mode.

Settings → System Settings → Console Settings → Display → Screen Saver → Disable

I am not sure where you are getting these link paths but I am not seeing it on the regular Xbox One console.

Here is what I am seeing:

All Settings > Settings > System > Console info & updates.

I do not see the “Console Settings”. You must be on either PC or the new Xbox One S. I have the original Xbox One.

The original xbox one has the identical screens as the xbone s

But neither has the settings he is stating

Exactly, that’s not a “dim mode”
It does reduce brightness to avoid plasma screen to have burned image and also to consume more power (energy savings)

There is more to this issue (which is the Xbox One console, not the game) and can also involve Kinect usage. See results toward the bottom here: http://www.xbox.com/en-us/Search?q=Kinect+dims+screen

This has come up when there is no controller input to keep the screen active, and no ambient light changes if Kinect is active but not set for the proper usage, and perhaps “game mode” should be the default setting.