Digital Error

Ive been in the Forza community for years and have been on Xbox for close to 10 years and I have never ran into a problem when playing a game. I gave my disc copy of FH1 away to a friend since I have a new digital copy and I downloaded it yesterday. I went to play it and it got to the main menue and starts loading in the game but then it says game error please remove disc and clean it or restart your Xbox. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue I would greatly appreciate it thanks. ~HK

Presuming you’re playing on an Xbox 360: This is a known issue with digital downloads of Forza Horizon (if you’re playing on an Xbox One, most of what is to follow will not apply to you).

In all likelihood, your Xbox 360 licenses are assigned to another console; now that you have the digital license, you need to transfer that content license to the console you wish to play on. This steps in this link should help you to do so: