Difficulty, what am I missing?!? (Game seems much harder)

Even on “above average” on this game I am having trouble getting first. I am a long time Forza player, I play with all assists off (steering set to normal). I have no trouble on Unbeatable most of the time on past games. Yet I am getting spanked in FH3!

Anyone who has any advice/input is most welcomed.

This is on 2-3 lap circuit races.

Of note I have many very highly skilled player drivatars for my competition. But still I had these same people for Forza 5/6/FH/FH2 drivatars without an issue.

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I don’t think it’s anything we can do right now. This looks like the same issue that Forza 6 had in it’s first weeks.

We can only wait for Playground to get a patch up and ready.

No patch needed. The game is as intended; it just requires more skills and patience to adopt them by racing your head off each day - LOL.


So are you losing on a circuit that you already know well?
Are you actually finishing the race and not just Quiting thinking you are going to lose?

There is a lot of rubber banding (not sure if that is technically the correct term) but I always have one or two cars that are fast racing against me but if I’m patient and do my turns well they almost always seem to abnormally slow down and allow a pass toward the end.

You do need to have the right car on unbeatable/ pro. You can’t just beat the pants off the cars anymore unless you go to new racer and even then on some of the shorter races I usually have a drivatar challenge me from behind if not in car that is suited for the track, or I trying to up skills in race (I do new racer when I’m focused on XP)

Also you could try upping the lap count. For the higher levels.

The good news is you don’t have to be first all the time.


This. You only have to win the five showcase events, the sixteen street races and the four midnight events. And the tutorial Drivatar challenge. Plus a few dozen H2H to unlock the street races. Exhibitions and championships you only have to drive in, not win them.

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This. Or here’s a novel idea: Turn down the difficulty. What is wrong with these people? Save us all the post and use your head. You’re losing? Turn down the difficulty.


Pay attention to your build and don’t blow any corners.

I like it that the AI are competent for once. When I do championship races with my club theres always 1 or 2 unbeatable drivatars in the mix if either of us mess up and if you wreak badly the odds of getting top 5 are slim. However when our builds/tunes mesh well with a layout and we don’t mess up, the AI get torched.

Overall I like the added difficulty. You can’t mess up badly or the AI will be all over you. It’s made the championships feel like a true championship. It would be even better if this was a multiplayer option too.

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And what happens when everything goes right, and still doesn’t net you a win?

I’ve had quite a few races where the only possible way to beat the AI is to dive-bomb them, ram them, and generally drive like a jerk, because if you don’t, they just walk you regardless of how much you draft or how much you out drive them otherwise.

My tune/build was the issue. If I ran a quick car with only decent top end on tracks with longer straights the AI could keep up and pass me. Not much I can do about that. It was my fault in using a poor build for that layout.

Some of my teammates would use power builds and the AI couldn’t keep up. I would scratch and claw my way to 4th or 5th while they finish 10 seconds ahead of me.

When I’ve ran appropriate tunes and didn’t wreak, the AI was only good enough to slow me down on a few corners but once I got clear they couldn’t keep up. There’s never been an issue when I drive well and use the right type of build. My lap times aren’t all that great so it’s not like I’m running leaderboard-esque laps so I don’t feel like the AI is driving absurdly fast. I’d compare them to a solid top 500 racer in FM6.

That’s the approach lad - it is a new game with greater capability than the last and it takes time to adjust to the difficulty levels. For example I was blowing this corner in 3rd gear. In the next race I dialed it down to 2nd and took the corner much slower, to my amazement as I pulled out in 2nd, I saw the AI’s struggling to keep up coming out of the same corner! It’s all about leaning the vagaries of the new game, that’ it.

Cars understeer like hell on H3, and the AI has their own laws of physics, so they take tight corners at much higher speed than the player.


Can’t say I’m encountering the same problem as the OP. I’ve been running on Pro and winning with fairly easy so far, I could probably bump it up to unbeatable, but I’m just trying to have a relaxing time right now. The times I have lost where due to my own mistakes. Like someone mentioned, it could boil down your car being ill equipped for the task at hand. I tune all my cars individually, and try to find a nice balance between speed and handling, and it’s worked extremely well so far. I also do tune cars for speed, or handling individually as well, so I just pick accordingly.

I can’t say I’ve encountered rubberbanding, to be honest. We still get the rabbits ahead of the pack, but I don’t see anyone speed up or slow down depending on my own pace. I do, however, recommend upping the lap count as well. 5 is the lowest I’ll usually pick.

I’ve actually noticed them taking turns at same speeds, or slower than me, to be honest. Although, it’s fair to assume that Ai has always ran off simplified physics in comparison to the actual player, for the Motorsport series at least. Being able to compute every single car at the same physics would be pretty demanding I would bet.

And they can ignore checkpoints.

yup, seen this on the Goliath race, a lot of times also, sometimes they will just cut thru

They don’t feel like oponents to me, they feel like obstacles on the road, sometimes they keep with you, sometimes they just stop flat out in the middle of the road for no reason, and its always funny to see cars driving at speeds us players can’t, I got overtaken by a Ferrari FF…I was going in the GT Horizon edition at 440 KMH, the FF lost me on a freaking straight line, and then he crashed and was never to be found

And the of froads races are the same too, they have perfect grip, perfect balance, perfect speed, you would thought being off road and all the AI would try to mimic at least some normal “off roading” behaviour right? nope, same as always., perfect turns with surgical precision.

Edit: and even with the most incredible things the AI is capable of doing, I still win all my races, I just don’t get it, they are faster than me, can corner better than me, but I still win, maybe rubberbanding/catch up issues?

My problem is with the default circuits (3 laps). I am finishing the races.

I haven’t really had any major trouble with the Drivatars. I’ve won consistently on Expert difficulty, and even won on my first try at Pro difficulty when going for the Endurance Hero achievement. And yes, this includes Cross Country races which are by far my weak point. In FH2, I had to go to the 2nd lowest difficulty to be competitive in cross country. I don’t know if I’m lucky to not have this issue, or if my driving is just that good.Edit: Those wins on Expert/Pro were by small margins (usually under 5 seconds, with an occasional exception). I never had a big lead at any point, so not sure about rubber banding.

Practice, the fact you are losing is good, it will force you to get better

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Exactly. I did a few additional races on Pro and won 14 out of 16, also one 2nd and one 3rd. The two losses were due to driver error, there were no glitched Drivatars. As ChickenWorm said, practice makes perfect.

I have been mopping the floor with pro but haven’t tried unbeatable yet. I always run some rivals before a championship to get familiar with the route and to test my build and tune. I haven’t been racing above A class though. I don’t enjoy S1 or S2 and find them extremely more difficult but I will play them at some point once I have more familiarity with the routes. Knowing the track/route well is very important in the higher end cars. The average player jacks every car up to its max though and then complain the drivatars are beating them when they are in a car they cannot handle or control.

Learn the routes and learn your cars and eventually the drivatars will all be in the rear view mirror.