Difficulty spike at Volume 3 main campaign is just UNREASONABLE, please help

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well!

Been playing Pro since I started and did pretty well for the first 2 Volumes. Suddenly at Volume 3 the difficulty seems to have spiked exponentially. I went from feeling good about handling Pro to feeling like a fresh scrub who never got into a car in his life, it’s kinda awful. VERY discouraging.

Nothing I used to do works anymore. Through Vol 2 the toughest races for me I was able to get a handle on in about a dozen attempts, most races I could knock down in 3-5 attempts and even placed 3rd or better on the first try a few times.

Now…well…Volume 3, first Car Division, been working this for 2 MONTHS NOW and I’m only on the 7th race of the Volume. It’s killing my soul. I intend to do everything at Pro, so scaling back isn’t an option (I will feel like I’m back peddling and lose interest altogether if I do that, I don’t mind working at it and do not want “gimme’s”).

The only thing that gets me close to competitive is to run a few races, check the results, and use the cars that are coming in first. I hate to do that, it feels cheap rather than using the cars I WANT to use. But anything else no matter the tune and it’s 7th place, 10th place, not even close place. Even still it is so difficult at this point I may just move on to another game. The spike is just too ridiculous.

I’d like to ask that anyone who has any advice at this point please chime in, I’m desperate to start enjoying this game again. I don’t mind getting beaten a dozen times on a track, but when weeks go by and I’m STILL on the same race it just isn’t fun anymore.

P.S. I do fully utilize and am good at late apex turning, I’ve watched dozens of videos on driving lines, proper braking and accelerating, all kinds of stuff and practiced a lot but I’m still getting hammered. Urg

It’s not probably the case but Forzas has some strange dynamic difficulty if you don’t change it after asking. I normally played on the easiest one but after some time it’s pretty hardcore even if I don’t change anything. Could be it?

Even if this is not the case I really appreciate you chiming in here, thank you so much!

Is there a suspected way to fix it? After what you say above I’m thinking of maybe trying changing to another difficulty, run a race (and make sure I do not come in 3rd or better, basically blow the race so that I may continue at Pro without compromise), then change it back to Pro and resume?

If you know of another thing to try to fix it that would be great, otherwise I will try what I say tonight when the family goes to sleep and let you know tomorrow if it seemed to help or not.

In any case, thank you again!

I needed to play on the hardest difficulty and lose. Then it was much better. I know it’s strange but was pretty creepy to play on new racer and being among the last ones :smiley: But I didn’t study it much more because I needed Rewards stuff only. You can at least try it.

My topic for M5 but it’s the same for every Forza. I had then trouble in H3 with new racer too.

Right on turtleCZ! Sorry I didn’t get back to you the other night, life happened this weekend (in a good way) and I didn’t play again until last night.

I tried what you said and set the difficulty to Unbeatable. Got my rump whooped (I think I came in 12th) and then went back to my preferred Pro difficulty. It MIGHT be coincidence but it seemed to have worked, after that the next 2 races felt very much like the first 2 volumes before, where there is still significant challenge at Pro difficulty but with 5 or 6 attempts I can win them. After reading your thread that you linked above I can only conclude until this happens again and I try to repeat the fix that you are on to something, I believe this may be the exact solution I was looking for :slight_smile:

If I ever feel it artificially spikes again like that I will try your fix again and see if there is consistency in it. So far I believe there is because it worked for you in Forza 5 and it worked for me in Forza 6 last night. If it happens again I will also revisit this thread and update you on the results.

I appreciate this so much turlteCZ! Last night I had FUN with the game again after a long time with this issue. You really saved the rest of the campaign for me, and probably the campaigns for the 2 expansions as well as they probably work the same “behind the scenes” as the main campaign. I wish I knew you in real life so that I could thank you personally over a drink or coffee or ice cream or whatever treat you enjoy having.

Cheers to you, and happy gaming!

Great! Happy to help. I had the same observation. It looks rather like a magic but there is probably something more dynamic. I had same problems in H3 and H4 so it’s probably for every Forza game.