Difficulty changing Camera view whilst viewing play back of race in Forza 7 (Windows 10)


I am a newbie and this is my first post. When I watch a replay of a race I click on the Camera Icon and change the view to say “Game Camera”, using the right, left arrows on my keyboard and press the [Enter] key but this doesn’t work. This worked on Forza 6 Apex, (the demo version) and I miss this as I use the “Game View” to learn from my mistakes etc. Whilst I am at it, clicking on the [’] button with the mouse or pressing the button on the keyboard has no effect. Neither does clicking on the Rewind button with the mouse. This was all fine in the Forza 6 Apex. If anyone can help I would be grateful thank you. Regards John

This is somewhat typical for Turn 10:

  • Move the mouse cursor over the camera icon.
  • Press and hold(!!) the ENTER key.
  • Now you can navigate with CRSR left and CRSR right through the cameras.

I expect a patch for this to be released within the next 6 months.

[might contain some sarkasm]

Thank you for getting back to me I will try your method. Sorry for delay in getting back to you, being a complete newbie I couldn’t fathom out where my message was. Regards John